Thursday, January 15, 2015

Stay at Home Kinda Day - 1/14/15

I worked from home yesterday, so went much more casual and comfy - nothing too exciting, except for my new scarf!  Back in November I mused about learning how to knit so I could make this scarf:

Being too cheap to spend the $99 on the yarn kit, I made up my own selection from JoAnn's, and spent a month and a half working away, getting about 3/4 of the way done before realizing I hated it.  Mainly because my yellow and pale pink yarns were different from the other three colors (much fluffier), and threw it all off.  I then unraveled the whole thing and started my own version, which is what is below, just using the coral/red and magenta.  My takeaway - knitting sucks.  It takes forever compared to crocheting, but that might just be due to my many more years crocheting.  I do have another knitting project on the back-burner though, so I will give it one more go.

Without further ado, I give you my scarf:


Susan Ashworth said...

LOVE IT! Your version is so much prettier than the original with yellow and pale pink. It looks great with your sweater.

Laura said...

Thanks so much! I liked the idea of all the different colors, but when it came to seeing it in person, it was just a little too much, I think. I'm pretty happy with how my version came out.