Tuesday, January 10, 2017

10x10 Challenge - day 1

So somewhat confusing, but I'm switching up my numbering system to keep in step with the 10x10 challenge, and I'm going to add a bit more detail to my notes, a la Style Bee and Un-Fancy.  Day 1 started off with a bang of being one of the coldest days so far this winter, so I bundled up and headed into the office!

Outfit Details:
Calvin Klein brown wrap sweater (old/thrifted), black skinny pants (newish/Uniqlo), Born tall boots (old/online)

Initial Thoughts:
Overall, I was pretty happy with the outfit.  It could have been a touch dressier for work, but I struggled a bit to cover the broad range of office to home in my 10 pieces.  The dark color scheme is what gives it the work-appropriate vibe, I think.  I wore this sweater for my first outfit of the year, and knew I pretty happy with it and wanted to wear it more.

Style Notes:
There isn't a lot of styling going on here, which is kinda my goal for this challenge, but I find it hard when wearing a statement piece like this sweater (it's really hard to wear it different ways!).  With such a voluminous sweater, I do find it necessary to wear skinny pants to balance it out, but this time I broke out my tall boots to deal with snow.  Having my shoes the same color as my pants does help them fade into the background a bit, and makes the sweater really the focus.

The past few days I've been wearing this orange-red lipstick and it's really been brightening up my face, I think.  Particularly with such a dark, neutral outfit, I need a splash of color!


Louise said...

I love born brand shoes! They are soooo comfortable.

I'm creating an index of bloggers doing the 10 x 10 this round, and added you. I'm hoping to create a list so that we can all check out each other's outfits and get some inspiration! 10 x 10 index

McLaura said...

Thanks, Louise! Born are the best-I've had this pair for several years now, and they really are so comfortable!

That's such a good idea to do the index, thanks for adding me! I'll definitely be checking it out.

Michele said...

Oh! I really like that sweater on you! Looking forward to seeing your other looks for the challenge :)

McLaura said...

Thanks, Michele!