Monday, January 9, 2017

Winter 10x10 Challenge

Fitting in nicely with my daily outfits is the Winter 10x10 challenge.  I followed along with the the Style Bee and Unfancy 10x10 challenge back in September and am happy to dive in once again!

What is it? 
The basic idea is to select 10 articles of clothing to wear for 10 days (includes shoes, but not accessories).  I'm not including things like camisoles/tights, or outerwear.  There can be several reasons for doing so, but my primary motivation is to force myself out of my rut of wearing the same things the same way all the time.

How did I select my items?
Last time around I had a fancy spreadsheet and I planned every outfit in advance, but I ended up throwing a bunch of it to the wind, so I went with a more casual approach this time.  I checked the weather to make sure I wasn't being totally inappropriate, thought about how many days I was planning to go the office and any other activities, and then selected some clothes.  I actually started with my shoes, as I knew I wanted to have two pairs and for them to be different enough to mix things up.  I then added in a pair of jeans (for home) and a pair of black pants (for the office), and then a selection of shirts/cardigans/vests.  I stuck to a pretty bland color combo to make it all work together, but I had to add a dash of bright in at the end - we'll see how this all plays out.  Without further ado - I give you my wardrobe for the next ten days!

The shoes:
Born tall black leather flat boots (had forever, but haven't worn in a while) - these need a little TLC after tromping around in the snow over the weekend, but I'll have them spiffed up shortly
Sam Edelman brown lace-up booties (new/TJ Maxx)

The pants:
Madewell jeans (new/thrifted from ThredUp)
Uniqlo black skinny pants (new/in store)

The basic shirts:
J.Crew white tee (new/online)
Uniqlo black turtleneck (new/in store)

The style-makers:
Me-made grey vest/dress (old)
Calvin Klein wrap sweater (old/thrifted)
Free People colorful tunic (new/thrifted from ThredUp)
black cardigan (old/thrifted)


We'll see how this goes - stay tuned for semi-daily updates!

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