Monday, June 19, 2017

Summer Sewing - Shorts (by accident)!

I've gotten bad about posting lately again, but I managed to take some photos of my most recent make this weekend, so figured I would get it up on the ol' blog!  I've been wanting some loose, light-weight cropped pants for the New Jersey summer that has descended upon us, so I figured I would finally break out this fabric that I got from Britex Fabrics years ago, and could never decide what I wanted to do with.  Amazingly enough, they still have the fabric, which is great, because I could not remember what it was made out of at all.  I thought it might be polyester, and it turns out indeed it is a stretch polyester crepe.  I'm not a huge fan of polyester, but I really loved the fabric, so I got it anyway!  I still have some left, so I may make a matching Ogden cami as well.

I had just done some minor alterations to my never-blogged Sallie jumpsuit (adjusted the waist elastic and rehemmed), and realized that the pattern would work perfectly with the fabric.  Unfortunately, when I was figuring out the fabric layout, I made a stupid mistake, and they ended up shorter than I wanted, so after I finished them, I decided to just cut them off into long shorts.  They are a little more sporty looking than I was originally going for that way, but they needed to be about 6-9" longer than I originally cut them out to work properly.

Other pattern adjustments - obviously I left off the top. :)  I am always fiddling a bit with the rise on my jumpsuit version, which is weird since I'm short, but I wanted to have a lower rise on the shorts. My initial plan was just to shorten the rise and add an elastic waistband casing on top, to preserve the pockets.  They were still a little too high of a rise though, because I didn't want to mess with the pockets too much, so I ended up doing an interior facing for the elastic, which worked out very well.  I could have done with a touch more room through the hips though, as my fabric wasn't quite as stretchy as the pattern called for, so the pockets are a bit smushed.  I may eventually take them out.  All in all though, a good addition to my summer wardrobe!

And while not directly sewing related, I do want to share a few photos from my day on Saturday.  We went to Innisfree Garden in New York, and it was so lovely!