Wednesday, June 17, 2015

My New Baby!

With our 14 year old Explorer getting up there in years and miles, we decided to buy a new (to us) car.  After failing to convince John that we really should buy a vintage MG (I came close to convincing him on this one, I think), because he's convinced they are a death trap, we switched over to looking at more practical hatchbacks.  After stalling on actually looking at any cars for a few months, we decided to go back to an idea we had about a year ago, to get a Miata, in that it is the modern, safe version of my beloved MGs, etc.  We researched them on a Friday night, found one that matched exactly what we wanted (year, color, style, etc) on Craigslist on Saturday, test drove it on Sunday, and bought it on Tuesday, and here it is!

You may notice I am in a large empty parking lot, and that is because it is a manual.  I haven't driven a manual in 11 years, since I had a company car during my summer internship in Germany.  I learned how to drive a stick on a construction site with all the workers laughing at me, so I did learn pretty quickly, although I am probably one of the few people who has stalled on the autobahn.  I had my first re-learning lesson on Sunday, and it surprisingly came back pretty quickly, although I did freak out a bit when another car came into the lot.  I think one more parking lot lesson, and then I'm going to drive around my neighborhood for a while before I go on the open road, but soon!

Monday, June 1, 2015

Backlog, part 2

The pattern is the Colette Astoria, a simple knit cropped sweater, which I made out of a ponte from Mood Fabrics.  It was a quick project, sewn up on the serger, and came out nicely, but I'm not sure I'm a fan of the cropped silhouette.  At the very least, I don't have an approporiate high-waisted bottom to wear with it at the moment, and it's hard to tell from the photos, but the button-up shirt underneath didn't quite fit properly (it was too loose and the sweater was too tight).  I think a softer knit fabric and just a touch longer for the next time.  Oh well, I got to practice my stripe-matching!

Catching up on the backlog

Since I haven't had a chance to sew lately, I figured I would at least take some photos of some of my already completed projects which didn't make it into the closet, but came out nicely.  This is another little girl dress, which I wore once (with tights!), but the neckline was a bit uncomfortable.

It is a self-drafted bodice with a half-circle skirt.  Unfortunately, the amount of black material I had dictated the length, and it ended up a bit short, as usual.  The bodice fabric is a left-over brocade from a pair of pants that have been in progress for way too long now.  I finish the arm and neck-holes with 1/8" seam binding, and I love how it looks (plus it's a super-clean finish).