Friday, January 29, 2016

Stress Relief Sewing

Whenever I get stressed and too busy, I try to fit in some extra sewing time.  It seems a little counter-intuitive, but it really does help my brain calm down and deal with everything.  I'm sure there is some psychological reasoning behind it, but it just works for me.  There are a couple of qualifications for it to be stress relief sewing though, as opposed to just sewing.  It has to be a simple project that doesn't require too much actual thinking, and it helps immensely if it is a TNT pattern (tried and true), because I know I can just go through it without fiddling with the fit and figuring out the instructions.

This particular project was intended to fill a need in my wardrobe, which is warm(er) casual tops, and used up some fabric I had left over from another project (Mesa Dress).  I used my usual modified Named Inari tee pattern, which is closer-fitting through the bust, and I added a band on the arms instead of a regular hem.  The length of the sleeves was entirely dictated by my available fabric, as I made them as long as possible.  To make it a tee instead of the dress which I usually make, I just chopped it off at the length I wanted, and didn't adjust the shape at all.  It wings out a bit, and I remembered later that the actual pattern has a slightly different shape for the tee version versus the dress, but oh well.  It's comfy and fits pretty well, and I'm less stressed, so it did its job!

One of the things I like about the fabric (and the style a bit), is that it reminds me of Boden clothes.  I'm usually too cheap to buy them, so I'm always happy to imitate!



Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Feeling Stripy - 1/27/16

So it's been quite a while since I've done an outfit post, mostly because I still haven't gotten my camera set back up.  I did take some crappy phone photos today though, so here you go!  (Also, I'm much more likely to post outfit photos on instagram now, so make sure you check over there: @lmcwethy).

This is one of my all-time favorite shirts ever.  It's a heavy knit fabric (maybe ponte?), but I just really love the shape of it.  I'm always a bit unsure about what other people think when I wear bright lipstick, but I just really love it and it brightens my day. :)  Unfortunately, it also tends to brighten the rest of my face as I'm a compulsive face toucher, and spread the lipstick all around.  I keep a little mirror at my desk just to make sure I don't have joker-like lipstick from time to time. :)


Monday, January 25, 2016

Fair Isle Leggings

I bought this sweater knit/fleece-lined fair isle fabric back in November at JoAnns, envisioning an awesome pair of leggings.  I wavered, thinking, where in the world will I ever wear such a thing, and almost gave up and made a sweatshirt instead.  But then I realized that I work from home a fair amount, and they would be perfect home apparel, so here we go!  I am a little short on tops that both match and cover my bum, but I'll work on that one later.

This was a super simple project, even accounting for the fact I had to reprint and tape together the pattern, I think it took me about 20 minutes, a half hour tops.  I used the Burda Style Carol pattern, which is just a single piece for each leg and an encased elastic waistband.  The fabric isn't quite as stretchy as it should have been for the pattern (think more like sweatpants), but I can still squeeze them on. :)  I haven't hemmed them yet, as I actually like the way they look rolled up a bit, but I might get around to it eventually, if they don't wear well.  What do you think - are they too crazy?


Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Secret Blanket

I'm adapting the term that floats around the sew-o-sphere of secret pajamas (e.g. really comfy clothes that work for real life) to match my latest addition, which is a secret blanket.  I'm not sure I can say it's a fully me-made garment, as let's be honest, I cut a line down the middle of a scarf and added some trim, but hey, I made it work better for me!

Last year I purchased this huge, fuzzy scarf, thinking it would be wonderful.  And it really was, but I mostly just wrapped myself up in it like a blanket when I worked from home, as it tended to be a bit overpowering when worn as an actual shawl/scarf.  I did pull it off a few times, but it was just too bulky for the most part.

My first attempt to make it more manageable was just to cut off a piece and call it a smaller scarf.  That didn't work, because the only way it was long enough to wrap around was diagonally, and now both pieces were too short for that.  Last weekend I was organizing my fabric stash though, and I came across the small scrap I had left of this gorgeous boucle from my mini skirt, and the fabric matched perfectly - it was meant to be!  My shawl can become a real garment!

It was a super simple refashion, with most of my time spent cutting 3" wide bias strips of the boucle for trim.  For the shawl itself, I just folded it in half, slashed up the front and rounded out the neckline.  I was originally going to fully bind the edges with my bias trim, but I liked the wider look  with it just sewn on one edge, so I went with that instead.  I added some topstiching along the seams to make sure there wasn't too much fraying, as well as I sewed about a 1/4 inch away from the edge of the trim for the same reason.  Without further ado, my secret blanket!


Sorry for the crappy phone photos - I took down my tripod and need to get it set back up again.  They really don't convey the beautiful colors of the two fabrics, which you can see better below.

Binding outside                                   Binding inside