Thursday, May 10, 2018

Garden Plans - Starting with the Shed

There's been a lot going on lately, so most of my projects have been on hold, but one that has been steeping in my brain for a while is making our yard pretty.  We have had a lot of ideas floating around, so we hired a landscape designer to help us come up with a master plan last year, but we decided we weren't quite ready to bite the bullet on the price tag involved, so that's on hold for now.  Instead, I'm coming up with some intermediate steps on my own to spruce up the yard and slowly move in the direction of our master plan.

There are a lot of moving pieces involved in this whole thing, but one thing that we for sure want to do is give our shed a bit of a makeover.  You can see its existing state below, and it's not attractive, but it is really functional, and not worth it to replace entirely.  Instead, we're going to take advantage of John's theater tech background and basically give it a new facade.

Another change will be to move the trash cans to another location by the driveway, and building out a potting bench ledge to replace them, similar to the picture below:

Before we get to the potting bench though, we have to first cover the walls and the roof!  The walls will be some kind of board and batten type wood construction, and the roof will be metal, which we will try to add in an overhang a bit.  Where I am coming to a bit of a standstill though is the color scheme - I just can't make up my mind!  I originally wanted a multi-colored color scheme with trim and all the bells and whistles, but the more I think about it, the more I think it will just highlight the unattractive proportions of our shed.

Take away the windows and make it a bit squattier, and I think this all-white scheme could work (with either a white or charcoal grey metal roof).  I'm pretty sure the door design is exactly what we're going to go with for sure on that one below (trim and hardware).

Medium grey is a decent option as well, but I'm not sure what color roof I would like with it - silver or red?  

Not grey, but the below picture was my original inspiration with white trim and darker paint, which would be a bit more of a standout shed as opposed to fading into the background.  But before you think about how adorable it is, go back and look at the picture of my shed. :)

What's your vote for color scheme?

  1. white with white metal roof
  2. white with charcoal metal roof
  3. grey with charcoal metal roof
  4. grey with red roof
  5. Or should I go crazy and do grey with white trim and a red roof?