Tuesday, March 7, 2017

White Linen Jacket Inspiration

I've been going through my spring wardrobe, and I realized I have a need for a lightweight, neutral jacket.  I have a really lightweight black rayon bomber jacket that I purchased at a thrift store that has previously filled that role, but I've decided I don't like the silhouette on me, so I thought I might add a piece to my March sewing list.  I have some white linen that was previously earmarked for a skirt, but I think it would be much more wearable as a jacket.  I did a little research, first falling down the rabbit hole that is searching on pinterest, and then looking at some patterns.

I'm thinking collarless, some trench details perhaps, hip-length, and I'm wavering on doing a drawstring or gathered waist.  I'm loving the back on the first photo, but it's not quite what I was originally envisioning.

I perused my Burda Style magazine stack, and as little as I like to trace the patterns, I did find that I already had a pattern very close to what I was thinking about:


I'm not sure how I feel about the asymmetrical front, and it doesn't have the gathered waist/drawstring.  What do you think - sew it up as is, or make changes or keep looking for a new pattern?

Thursday, March 2, 2017

March Sewing Plans

Since I just kind of vomited my massive sewing list yesterday in my February check-in post, I thought I should narrow things down and actually select just a couple of projects to focus on for March.  If I get these things done, I can work on whittling away at the long, long list, but these FIRST! :)

Megan Nielsen Dove Blouse - This one has been on the list and cut out since September, and I'm super excited about the fabric/pattern combo, but for some reason it keeps getting put on the back burner!  This one is my top priority, as it will be perfect for spring.

Sallie Jumpsuit - I started this for our trip to Thailand over a year ago, and didn't finish it up in time, so it's been sitting in pieces ever since.  I was thinking about starting something new for Easter, but then I figured this jumpsuit would work well, so now I have another deadline for it!

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

February Sewing Check-In

February went by fast!  Knowing I would have to be writing this post did help keep me on track though, which was a good experience. :)  There were a few changes along the way, but all of them were totally defensible.  I've changed the format a bit, leaving the major categories, and just either crossing things off that are finished/abandoned, and adding in notes about how they each went.  I've not been able to actually take pictures of most of them, so there aren't associated blog posts yet for anything I finished - I'll work on getting those up at some point.  Let's dive in!


  • Free People orange/pink voile tunic - didn't get to hemming it in February - still on the list!
  • Marine Layer eye tee - I attempted to salvage it, but it didn't quite work as well as I hoped.  It's been relegated to a workout shirt, but it is coming off the repairs list.
  • Me-made geometric toaster - I wanted to add cuffs, but I decided to leave it as is for now.  

Sewing - In Progress:
  • Clay linen Hemlock tee - This is one of those projects that I just kept trying to salvage, but it wasn't working.  I first ended up cutting off the sleeves, as they were too tight, and then as hard as I tried, I couldn't get the neckline neatly finished.  I should have staystitched the v-neck, but because I didn't and it's a loose-weave linen, it got all sorts of wonky.  I've thrown it into my bin for making pillow covers now. :)
  • Beige/black Dove blouse - I keep pulling it out and then not actually working on it!  Top priority for March
  • Embroidered pillow covers (2) - I worked on my first pillow a bit more this month, but didn't get far.  Still on the list!
  • Pink floral tee - done!
  • Ivory Toaster #1 sweater - I ended up turning it into a cardigan, which I was a little unsure of when I finished it.  I wore it and Eddie jumped on me, getting it dirty, so I put it in the wash without thinking about it.  Needless to say, it was wool, and is now suitable for a toddler - whoops!
  • Oscar De La Renta silk tank - Successfully sewn up as my first Odgen cami!
  • Poppy silk kimono - I've re-cut it out as an Odgen cami, but I think I'm going to leave off the facing, and do some narrow hemming instead.  We'll see how that goes.
  • Ivory silky tank - cut out and partially sewn. Need to find facing materials. (no change)
  • Grey linen throw quilt - Came up with my quilting pattern and have it rough cut out.  Need to cut everything precisely to size and start quilting!
  • Clay linen capris - cut out, but on hold until warmer weather (no change)
  • Tote for mom - won't see her until the spring, so low on the priority list. (no change)
  • 4 placemats - done!
  • Turquoise striped Galleria culottes - cut out and started sewing.(no change)
  • Purple/red Sallie jumpsuit - same as above. (no change)
  • Bra/underwear sets - Seven pairs of underwear down, and I've adjusted my pattern and figured out I like one-way stretch fabrics.  Next steps are to get some nude and black all cotton fabric.
  • green floral Rosari skirt - all cut out
  • green floral Odgen cami - all cut out

Sewing-Not Started:  As you can see from my picture up top, I've been busy sketching out and planning! This section has expanded greatly this month. These are focused on warm weather, which while close, is not quite here yet, so I'm focused on wrapping up all the started projects first.  
  • Polka-dots/floral top and skirt - I wavered on this one a bit, but ended up not actually going to the event I thought I was, so it wasn't necessary after all!  I've put the fabric back in the un-assigned bin.
  • Black/white hemlock tee - this wasn't on last month's list, but was something I added in.  Super comfy and I love it - basics for the win!
  • Clay linen pillow cover - no change
  • white/black cotton sleeveless button-down - this was an impulse fabric purchase, but  those usually end up making their way to the top of the list. :)  I don't have a pattern yet, but thinking about the Grainline Studio Alder shirt-dress (shortened).
  • coral/beige window-pane peplum top - ordered along with the white/black cotton above!  I've been thinking about this shape for a while (see this and this), and am excited to make this one up.  
  • turquoise/green african wax print peplum top - this will be my wearable muslin for the previous shirt
  • japanese cotton red trousers - still deciding on the pattern here, but thinking about the Chi-town Chinos
  • pale denim trousers - will use the same pattern as for the red ones
  • black/white/blue woven trousers - I need some new trousers in my life, apparently!
  • red silk jersey dress - I've been wanting to make something along these lines for a few years now (like here, here, and here), so I've added it to my wall.
  • embroidered organza mini dress - I've had this Marc Jacobs fabric for years at this point, and haven't been able to figure out what to do with it.  I finally made up my mind that it would be super cute as a mod little mini-dress, and now have a goal to make it up as my Easter dress this year.  I think the Willow dress will be a good starting point, which I've already made up twice, so should be a quick sew.
  • white linen wrap skirt - I've been dreaming about this skirt for a few months now, and will try it out in a hefty white linen I've been sitting on.
  • blush Odgen cami dress - I've been wanting to add more blush to my color palette, and I bought three yards of this fabric at JoAnne's last month.  It's synthetic, but it's so deliciously soft, like a sanded silk. 
  • blush Odgen cami - If I have enough left over, I want to whip up a little cami as well.
  • green knit tank - I ordered this knit a while ago from Mood and it wasn't quite the color I thought it was (more olive than leaf green).  It does match the fabric for my Rosari skirt though, so I might experiment and try to make a top something like this.
  • navy/blue polka dot v-neck tank - was originally going to do yet another Odgen, but might do something with pin-tucking - we'll see!
Whew, that's a lot!  Good for you if you actually managed to read through it all!  My goal is to whittle the lists down by the end of the year, so next year I can focus on my seasonal projects.