Thursday, April 23, 2015

Red and Black - 4/23/15

I'm trying really hard to put away my boots, but it just keeps getting cold!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

In Black and White - 4/22/15

Another outfit from pinterest inspiration today!  I've been spotting black on white plaid pants for several months now, and finally found a pair of my own.  A few of my inspirations:

In my usual fashion though, I paired them with a black crew-neck sweater instead of a white top.  This is basically my favorite work silhouette for a non-meeting day.  Comfy, but classic and chic.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

taking inspiration - 4/15/15

I pinned this photo not too long ago onto my style board, because I loved the color combination.  I've been wanting a pair of tan pants, but haven't found a good pair that fit, and so I switched over to this olive green color, and found a pair that I liked.  I'm really trying to get away from my black pants rut, and I think this is a great neutral that goes with most of the colors in my wardrobe.  I wouldn't wear it up by my face, since I think it would tend to make me look sick, but great as a bottom. 

I realized that I don't have any grey warm weather shirts in my wardrobe (a hole I didn't realize was there), but I do have this heather blue tee, which has a similar impact, and I was pleased with this work from home outfit.  It's pretty casual, but I like that I'm not wearing jeans, like I do every other day.

slouchy jacket - 4/13/15

I've been pulling a lot more blue into my wardrobe lately, and I've always loved this blue-violet color, and was greatly saddened when Crayola retired the blue-violet crayon quite a while ago.  Anyway, I've been waiting for a chance to pull out this jacket, and a meeting provided the opportunity.  I was hoping to wear it in casual situations as well, but for some reason I've hesitated every time I tried.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Crop Top, Take 2 - 4/10/15

Trying out my crop top again, and styling it a little differently than last time.  I wore black pants, to avoid cutting myself up horizontally too many times, as well as I wore a slim-fitting tank top underneath, instead of a flowy button-down.  I do like the black pants, but I think the changes in volume are a little too drastic this way, and actually cut me up worse than the different-colored pants did.  I might try to take a little of the volume out of the front of the shirt, but I haven't quite decided yet.

A New Style - 4/9/15

Trying out a new style - the palazzo pant.  I think that skinny pants are the most flattering on me, but it's fun for a change, not to mention they are incredibly comfortable.  I can't quite decide how I feel about them, if I like them, or if I need to wait a couple decades before breaking them out.  I'm also debating whether or not I should hem them into more culotte-length.  John always tells me I look ridiculous in culottes, but I love them, and I worry the full-length is a little overwhelming for me.  What do you think?  For some reason, I also was apparently not able to stay still in order to get a non-blurry photo, so trust me, the blurred face really is me. :)

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Dressy Casual - 4/2/2015

I've decided that my standard outfit type should now be dressy casual, whatever that means.  Since I've been working from home a lot more, my work wardrobe has seen a lot less wear, but I've never been a fan of hanging out in pajamas, so dressy casual it is.  My current working definition is jeans + nice shirt.  To try to deal with this weird transitional weather, I've also added a blazer today.