Monday, April 24, 2017

Spring 10x10 Challenge Wrap Up

I had a blast this time around with the spring 10x10 challenge, and I think in part it's due to being a bit more loose around the rules, and staying a bit truer to my style.  I think I struck a good balance of pushing myself a bit, but being comfortable.

Without further ado, here's what I wore:


I would have to say my favorites were day 1 (striped tee + overalls) and day 8 (tank + cardigan + jeans).  I like the layeredness of them both, and the monochromatic color schemes.  I like having a touch of pattern (stripes or a patterned scarf), but not too much.  It's funny that they both also use scarves, since I used to wear them all the time and stopped, and have been wanting to wear them more again.  

Lessons Learned:
I tweaked the rules half-way through, and was so much happier doing so this time around.  I think I felt too constrained the previous rounds because I like to incorporate more color and pattern than I see in a lot of the capsule wardrobes out there, and I just need a bit more variety.  Biggest lesson here is to be more relaxed about how I approach my wardrobe and not follow rules so stringently

I love blue!  I've always leaned more towards turquoise/teal before, but I really like this royal blue that I've been pulling in lately.  

Sometimes it's best to go with my gut, even if it's perhaps not as exciting.  I didn't try to force myself to get outside my box as much this time around (although I did a little), and this also helped me be more happy with my selections.  Yeah, a striped tee and jeans is not ground-breaking, but it's very me.  By narrowing in on the specific elements that I like in a striped tee (scoop neck, skinny but not skin-tight), I was able to customize the look to exactly where I'm comfortable.

I don't actually like to be as matchy-matchy as I thought.  Particularly since I was working with a newish color to my wardrobe, I was able to isolate that I prefer color schemes to be similar, but not exact.  Case in point, day 10 I went with navy sneakers instead of blue loafers, and it went from forced to casually coordinated (at least in my head)!

It's been hard to get back to my full closet this time around!  I ended up in workout clothes a few times, and spent a lot more time trying to decide the other days.  If I get a free moment (it's been tough lately), I might try my hand at pulling together a more extensive capsule at some point!

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Spring 10x10 Challenge - days 9 and 10!

And I made it!  Overall, I had a better time with the 10x10 challenge this time versus the two other times, which I'll get into tomorrow, but for today I'll leave you with my final two looks!

Day 9 was Tuesday, which was another office day for me.

 I basically wore the same outfit as day 6, but dressed it up by switching out jeans for black pants and dressier accessories.  I also wore the shirt like I normally do, which is tucked in the front.  This makes it look less like a tunic and more like just a normal tank.  One thing I'm noticing about colors is that while I'm still weird about making sure my colors match, I don't want to be too color matchy, if that makes sense.  There has to be at least some variation, which in this case would be pulling out all the different colors of the tank (black pants/shoes, gold jewelry, cream cardigan) versus just sticking with the tank and all black for example.

Day 10 - I made it!  This was an errand-running and working from home day.

Continuing my color-matching discoveries, I originally put on my blue loafers with this outfit, but it was just too much.  I switched out to my navy sneakers and liked it so much better.  I also attempted to knot my shirt, to up my styling game and try something a little different.  Mostly the shirt is just too short to do so and I'm self-conscious about my spare tire, but I just couldn't handle it and went back to the open shirt.  I think it also has to do with not breaking up my silhouette as much - because I'm a shorty, I like to keep things lean and sleek, and not have a lot of horizontal lines.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Spring 10x10 Challenge: days 6, 7, and 8

Day 6 was last Friday, which was working from home for a half day, sewing a bit, and a Good Friday service at my church.

This shirt is one of my me-mades, which I whipped up before our anniversary last year, and ended up not wearing.  In the quick sewing process though, I ended up hemming it by hand in the car, and it is longer than I would typically do (I initially was going to make it a dress, but it was too lightweight).  I never got around to rehemming it though, and I typically just do a front tuck.  This time though I wanted to try something different and wear it as a tunic, and I like it quite a bit.

Day 7 was Saturday and was spent delivering meals for Easter Outreach, so I went for a simple favorite outfit.

These two pieces are literally two of my favorite things to wear - a black and white striped tee from Boden and the Madewell jeans that turned me onto the brand.  I wore my black leather espadrille sneakers out and about, but most of the time at home I just go barefoot.

I took the day off on Easter Sunday, because I've always worn a special Easter outfit since I was a little kid. :)  Monday was a work from home day.  I actually forgot to take a photo, so I recreated it this morning to make sure I got my photo in!

This was a comfy, layered outfit fit for the variable spring weather we're having.  I really like all the blues going on.  The shoes match the shirt, the jeans match the scarf, which also picks up a bit of the ivory in the cardigan and the lighter blue.  It's just on the verge of being too matchy-matchy, but in a good way.

Today is day 10 (woo hoo, I made it!), so stay tuned tomorrow for a summary of the last two days, and Friday I'll wrap it up with lessons learned, which, spoiler alert, surprised me a bit this time around.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Year of the Sleeve

Back in March, I had a spur of the moment inspiration and wanted to make a quick blouse.  I initially saw this picture when I was deep down a pinterest rabbit hole (where most of my inspiration comes from):

I had a decent amount of random fabric, so I figured I might as well add sleeves as well, and oh, maybe I should make them gigantic bell sleeves?  Very much on trend right now, but not necessarily a style I would typically gravitate towards, but fun to experiment with.  (I keep trying to make myself sew practical garments, but it's way more fun to sew special things!)

For my pattern, I did my usual procedure of picking random pieces from different patterns.  The bell sleeves were an easy pick off of the Megan Nielsen Dove Blouse, While I love the french darts in the bodice, I wanted a dart-less top that could accommodate the gathering, so for the bodice I went for my good ol' staple, the Grainline Studio Scout Tee.  And hence the Doubt tee is born!  Maybe not the most compelling smashed together name, but it was the best I could come up with. :)  

I started with the bodice, as that was the part where I was adding in my personal flair and not following a pattern, since the Scout Tee is just a loose-fitting straight tee.  I eyeballed where I wanted the gathered seam to be, and then drew it on my front and back pieces using a curved ruler.  I then gathered the tops and bottoms and then sewed them together.  Major fail.  It looked ridiculous, nothing like my inspiration photo above.  I think the biggest problem was that I gathered it too much, but it was super overwhelming and not flattering at all.  Luckily I had enough fabric to cut out a second bodice, so I did that, and then just zigzag stitched a piece of skinny elastic to the inside just under the bust.  It's not perfect, and I think I might have liked it better without it, but it gives it a bit of interest.  Hmmm, I just realized I could take it out at this point.  Take a look below and let me know what you think - gathered or straight?

The rest of it was pretty straightforward to sew, as I just followed the Dove instructions for the sleeves, and the Scout instructions for attaching the sleeves and finishing up the edges.  Oh, I did forget to mention that I extended the Scout sleeve pattern piece to elbow length and then trimmed the width slightly to match the circumference of the Dove bell, so the sleeves were a combo of the two patterns.  I really could have gotten away with just drawing a circle to get the bell sleeves, but I already had the pattern pieces cut out for the Dove, so I went with it. 

I remembered reading recently on the Grainline Studio blog about doing a cheater's rolled hem, so I looked it up, and voila!  I have beautiful "rolled" hems on the curved sleeves, which would have been a beast otherwise.  It does involve sewing it three times, but it was worth it.

Without further ado, meet my Doubt blouse!

Spring 10x10 Challenge: Days 4 & 5

I'm getting behind on documenting my challenges and things are building up!  Today is actually day 7 of the Spring 10x10 challenge for me, but I've taken off a couple of days in between (laundry needs and I had to wear my new Easter outfit yesterday!).

Day 4:

Day 4 was last Wednesday, which was an office day for me. I was originally intending to wear my leather espadrille sneakers (so it is basically the same outfit as day 2, but with different pants), but I figured I was pushing my staid engineering office a bit already with the dramatic sleeves, so I switched out for more professional looking shoes (relaxing the rules just a tad).  The funny thing is that I've gotten plenty of comments on the shirt already, but at the office, I got several compliments on my shoes, but no one mentioned the shirt. :)

I went easy on the accessorizing as well, only wearing my silver hoops and no necklace.  I've struggled with finding a necklace I like with this shirt as it has to either be short and simple or longer and bold to stand out, but that can get a bit too busy for my tastes.

These pants are one of two pairs of ponte pants (the other pair are full-length trousers) that match my ponte suit blazer, which I bought a year or so ago to be my main suit.  Best decision ever to go ponte.  It is still pretty formal looking, but completely machine washable and super comfy!  At the time, Boden only had this flare version in cropped, but now they have a skinny leg crop which is a bit more me and I'm tempted to get them.  Being petite, I find that narrow is generally a better silhouette for me.  They aren't cheap though, and it occurred to me that it would be super simple to narrow down these, so I may be doing that at some point soon!

At this point was where I decided to relax the rules a bit more.  My original plan only included 9 items, because I was planning on sewing a simple top to add in.  That simple top turned out horribly, so I took a step back, decided to remove the shoes from my ten items (since I already added in a new pair anyway), and bring in a few more tops and regular jeans (I love the overalls, but they are not exactly a basic you can get away with wearing every day).  I added in the blue/red checked button-down, the me-made blue printed silk tank top (that was a contender the first go around anyway), and the jeans on the end.

Day 5:

Day 5 was Thursday, which was spent working from home and then packing up meals for Easter Outreach, a program that my church helps organize to deliver meals for Easter weekend.  One of the main reasons I added the button down to the mix was to wear it over the overalls, and wear them in a different way.  I like the look overall, but let's just say it made bathroom trips even more awkward, so not ideal.

This outfit is basically item for item something I would have worn in high school.  It was the nineties and that version would have veered baggier and more towards grunge, but the idea is the same.  The picture below is the best I can come up with (given the birthday cake and hair cut, my best guess is December 23, 1997):

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Summer time sewing

And now for something different (kind of)!  I took the day off yesterday from the 10x10 challenge, as I was planning on sewing a shirt to wear, and didn't get to it because we had guests staying with us until yesterday.  I spent most of the day in jeans and a black tank top, which is basically my everyday outfit when I work from home.  I was able to spend a few minutes finishing up a summer top that I had started a week or two prior.

I came across the image below when I was falling down a pinterest rabbit hole:

I loved how simple and chic it was, as well as I'm super ready for summer shirts!  I just made it up as I went, and ended up making some changes which don't quite stick to the same vibe, but I realized I'm also not stick-thin, so it will never look the same on me. :)

Photos are first, and then I get into the nitty gritty details below!



Pattern:  Self-drafted, based on inspo photo

Fabric:  1 meter of lightweight cotton I got in Thailand for like $1 - ahhh, I miss that fabric shopping.

Difficulty:  Super easy!  It probably took me about 2 hours for the whole process - think through the design, cut it out, sew it and take photos.

Sewing Details:  I literally just cut four rectangles - two for the body (keeping the selvage for the hem) and two for the straps.

Before sewing the body together, I ironed down 1/4" at the top, as it was easier to do it then versus after sewing them into a tube.  I then french-seamed the sides, folded down the top just slightly larger than my elastic (I think it was 1-1/4" elastic), and sewed it down, leaving a couple of inches to get the elastic in.  I then threaded through the elastic using my trick of attaching a large safety pin through one end of the elastic, which is easier to push through the tube than just the elastic.  My standard finish for elastic bands is to overlap the two ends and zigzag.  This eliminates extra bulk and the zigzag is essential for stretching, as a straight stitch would break.

The arm straps were the piece that took a bit of thought.  I didn't want to wear a straight jacket, but I also didn't want them too droopy.  I settled on using another piece of elastic that would wrap around the sides of my arm, leaving enough room to tie the ends.  I made two tubes that were the width of the elastic, and estimated a good length for the tie.  I then threaded the elastic in until it hit that point, and zigzagged straight down to hold it in place.  I scrunched the tie down and zigzagged the other end, leaving me with a tie that had a stretchy bit in the middle and flat ties on either end.  I just found the center of each tie, and zigzag stitched it to my side seams on the body of the shirt.  I wish I would have taken a closer picture, so let me know if you want more details!

I wish I would have used a smaller, less strong piece of elastic though, as the whole elastic band is the part that really doesn't match my inspiration (both with the front being too blousy and the straps looking more fussy).  Particularly when I tied the straps like the photo, it makes the ends look wimpy, so that's why I also tried out the bow.  I debated taking it apart and taking out some of the width, but I think I'll call it good enough for now - if it turns out I never wear it, I might revisit it.

And because I wanted to keep up my outfit sketches, I also did a sketch of the top!  For some reason I really struggle drawing my head when it's turned to the side and down like that - another thing to work on! :)

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Spring 10x10 Challenge: Days 2 & 3

Sunday and Monday were days 2 and 3 of the spring 10x10 challenge for me, and I've gotten myself caught up!

Sunday was church in the morning, then we went to meet up with our friends at their daughter's volleyball tournament and wandered around Philly a bit - it was such a beautiful day!

Outfit details:  This shirt isn't necessarily what I would consider my core style, but it was a fun me-made experiment.  I'm sticking with my minimal accessories, with just big silver hoop earrings, sunglasses and bright lips.

Monday was working from home during the day, and a pizza party in the evening!  I was feeling a little blue, apparently. :)

Monday, April 10, 2017

Spring 10x10 Challenge: Day 1

I kicked off the spring 10x10 challenge on Saturday (get caught up here).  Most of the day was spent doing random errands and bee-bopping around, with some bowling and hanging out with our guests in the evening.  This was a great comfy, casual Saturday outfit, starting off the challenge with a bang!

Outfit details:  I went simple with the accessories, only adding in a scarf for a little warmth (it was super sunny, but a bit breezy still), my favorite pair of sunglasses for walking around town, my fitbit, and some bright lipstick for a touch of color!  I'm predicting that this will be one of my favorite outfits of the challenge.

Sketch:  My #100daysofoutfitsketches project is taking a bit of a back seat during the 10x10 challenge, but I'm keeping it up!  I was actually really happy with this sketch, which is day 4.  The previous three days I kinda based them off of my sample figure drawing, but it didn't work as well given that I was doing different poses.  I went solely off of my photo with this one, and was able to pull out depth much better, I think.  I lost my pencil sharpener, so my stripes are a bit thick and sloppy, but I really like this one.

Spring 10x10 Challenge Kick-off

This past weekend kicked off the spring 10x10 challenge hosted by Caroline of UnFancy and Lee of Style Bee, which I've done twice before.  If you follow me on Instagram, you'll have gotten a sneak preview of day 1 of my challenge, but I wanted to do an overview to start of with on the blog.  The basic premise is to take ten articles of clothing (not including accessories), and wear just them for the next ten days.  There are a few different motivations for doing so, but my primary reason is to get better at styling what I have in different ways, as I tend to get in a rut and wear the same things in the same way over and over.  It's a fun way to do a seasonal reset and try new things!  IRL, I'm on day three, but I'll probably do a post every few days or so, and I will be continuing my daily outfit sketches on instagram (@lmcwethy), so if you're too impatient, you can always check what I'm up to there!

Caroline and Lee encourage not spending a lot of time picking out the items, but I am an overthinker!  My basic strategy is to check the weather, figure out how many days I'm going to be in the office, make sure I have a good mix of garment types, stick to a fairly basic color palette but with a bit of bright color thrown in, and this time I focused on adding in some me-made garments!  I didn't end up with as many as I hoped, as I tend to be attracted to busy, colorful fabrics, but I tried!  Without further ado, here is what I'm working with:

The weather should be fairly stable in the 60s/70s, with a few outliers, so I didn't have to worry too much about that.  I'm shooting for 3 days in the office so I have a pair of dress pants and dressier loafers in the mix.  My color palette is black/white/blue, which I'm feeling these days.  You may notice that I have only nine items pictured above, and that's because I have plans to sew up a top in the next day or so.  Maybe a bit ambitious, but it should be quick, and it will fit in well.


J. Crew blue tank - I hemmed and hawed on this one, thinking I should instead do a me-made top (of which I have a few different blue options available, but in the end I figured having a basic knit tank in the mix was a good thing.

Boden black/cream striped tee - I really love this tee, with the scooped neck, fitted but not too fitted, and the thin black stripe/wider cream stripe, plus I'm just always a sucker for a striped shirt of any kind.

Me-made grey striped blouse - This was a recent make I have yet to blog, but it was a bit out of the box for me, with it's ginormous sleeves and verticle stripes.  I like it, and I get a lot of complements, but I'm still not exactly sure it's my style.

Lilla P. cream cardigan - I like this one, but I'm not sure I love it.  Dolman sleeves are not my jam, as I think I look best with more fitted through the bust tops, but I'm giving it a go.  It's my only white/cream topper at the moment, so it's filling a gap, but not perfect.

Kut from the Kloth white jean capris - I got these last year and didn't wear them a ton.  I know it's not white pants season yet, but I want to wear them more, so this is a good opportunity.  Although when I wore them yesterday I quickly learned that white pants and jumpy little dogs don't go super well together - oops!

Boden black ponte cropped trousers - My wardrobe has a fair amount of Boden in it these days.  I just really like their style and they are generally good quality clothes.  I bought these pants, the full-length version, and a blazer last year as I needed a new suit, and they've been great.  I love that they are machine washable and super comfy.  

Boden overalls - These were a recent impulse purchase, as they were from the girls section on super clearance.  They were a bit of a gamble fit-wise, but I love them and have worn them a lot over the past few weeks.

Sam Edelman blue loafers - I was on a search for blue shoes last fall and never found anything I liked.  I got these this spring, and they are brighter than I was anticipating, but they are fun!

Franco Sarto black leather espadrille sneakers - I'm a sneaker girl!  I loved my old Superga black sneakers, but my mischievous puppy decided to eat one of them (luckily that's the only shoe casualty so far).  I wasn't planning on replacing them, as I have a pair of light grey sneakers that are a good neutral, but I loved the slightly dressier look of these espadrilles.

So there you have it - we'll see how I do!  Both of the other challenges I did I ended up bending the rules a bit, so I do give myself a little leeway, but I like to push myself as much as possible!

#100daysofoutfitsketches - days 2 & 3

Later, I'll fill you in on another side challenge I'm taking part of (hint - 10x10!), but I'm keeping up with my 100 days of outfit sketches in the meantime!  It's been a busy few days, and we have guests staying with us, so I'm not being super timely on everything, but I'll get there in the end.  Thursday and Friday were days 2 and 3, respectively, and here they are:

Outfit details:  Thursday was an office day for me, so I dressed up a bit.  Particularly for work, I tend to stick to a black and white color scheme.  I love these pants dearly, and wearing a slightly fancier tee shirt is right up my alley for work-wear.  Both the pants and shoes were items that I decided I wanted to add to my closet and I searched long and hard before adding them, and they worked out really well.    The only aspect that feels a little forced for me is the necklace, but I just got it and wanted to wear it, so I added it anyway. :)  Usually I only wear short necklaces with scoop neck tops - I'm not sure why, just one of my weird little habits.

Sketch:  I little bit too whimsical in my proportions, but I had fun with it.

Outfit details:  Friday was an at-home day, with a pretty busy work schedule, and then friends coming into town later that evening, so there was some cleaning on the docket as well, so I went comfy.  I've realized that my jeans collection is heavy on the skinny style, so I've been looking to expand, and haven't quite hit the sweet spot.  I just got these "girlfriend" jeans from Gap on super sale, but they have a bit of saggy but syndrome.  They are comfy for around the house, but perhaps not the most attractive.  The top is one of my favorite recent me-mades, as I love the colors and I'm always a sucker for a simple tee.  I have yet to blog about it (along with basically everything else I've made in the past six months or so), but it gets a decent amount of wear time these days.

Sketch:  Still working on proportions, and this drawing looks entirely flat to me, despite the fact I'm sticking my leg out a bit.  In addition to just working on proportions, I'm trying to really focus on drawing exactly what I see, so before when I've drawn this top, I just kind of scribbled with my pink, red and black colored pencils, but I tried to focus more on drawing the general shapes I saw, and I think I did pretty good without spending a lot of time.  Also, Eddie was determined to photo bomb, so I added him in. :)

Thursday, April 6, 2017

#100daysofoutfitsketches - 1/100

Day 1 of my #100daysofoutfitsketches project down!  I had a lot of fun with it, and played with a few different ways of sketching it out.  First things first, the actual outfit:

Outfit notes:  I'm a sucker for a good stripe and matching, what can I say.  It was a comfy home outfit, but not particularly stylish.  The jeans in particular I'm on the fence about - in theory I love the color, but they maybe come across as mom jeans?  They also bag out a lot over the day, and no one wants a droopy butt.  Also, new sneakers!  I got rid of my old white leather sneakers (which were also Keds, like these), because the heel on one of them was really painful.  I had them for at least a year, and it just got worse, so adios, painful shoes!  I was looking for a good replacement, as white leather sneakers have pretty much been a staple in my wardrobe for several years, but I was actually drawn to this pair instead, which are pale grey canvas and suede.  The reason I love white leather sneakers is that they stay clean and nice looking so much longer than canvas, but last year I bought some socks this color, and they really stay new looking, so I gave it a try with the sneakers too!  I still need to treat them, because suede, but I'm hoping they will hide dirt/grime well.  

Anyway, back to the sketch project!  For my first version, I am keeping a notebook of just straight-up drawing my photo.  Not the most original way of doing it, but it helps with my goal of getting more accurate in my drawings (much easier to stare at a photo and compare to my drawing than making it up in my head).  My proportions aren't perfect, but not too shabby.  One thing that I really suck at is drawing shoes head on - for some reason they always look like Minnie Mouse to me (really wide feet).  I'll be working on that one.  I also attempted a face, but it was not good, so my eraser came out.  I might work on that later, but I kinda like my half-heads.

When I was growing up, I loved paper dolls.  The picture from my project intro post came from a stalled project I started a few weeks ago where I intended to draw out all my wardrobe so I could mix and max and have a personal Laura paper doll.  I managed to do the four pieces and then I lost steam, but I thought I could do the same thing with my outfit sketches, and instead just add to my collection what I wear each day.  I tried a few different ways of laying out the pieces - any favorites?

Wednesday, April 5, 2017


So after my brain dump the other day I haven't come up with any grand conclusions as to how to focus my sewing and/or style search, but I've been hearing snippets about this 100 days project, and finally read a bit more about it this morning.  The basic premise is to commit to doing some kind of creative project each day for 100 days (and document it using the hastag #100daysof....).  I'm way behind, as the official version is running from Jan 21st through May 1st, but I like to make my own rules, so today is day 1!

I initially thought about doing something completely different than I normally do, like drawing or painting, as those are skills I would like to pick back up, but I think I would struggle to come up with ideas after like day 5 - trust me, it would just end up being a bunch of trees and/or flowers after that.  As part of my ongoing sewing planning/style quest, I have been drawing out my ideas more, but relying heavily on tracing over a croqui (basic figure drawing).  I figured what better way to grow my drawing skills and document my wardrobe than by learning to actually draw a proportional human figure and draw my outfits daily!  We'll see how this goes, but I'm excited and I think it will be fun to see it all come together.

Monday, April 3, 2017

March Sewing Check-in / Random Musings on Sewing and Style

Three months into the year, and I'm still not doing too hot on sticking to my sewing plans!  I think I might have to rethink things, as my plans are making sewing into a bit more of a chore than I like.  I do want to think a bit more about my overall sewing plan, but I need a bit more flexibility than just working through a list.  I sew for a few different reasons, but right now my main motivation for sewing is stress relief - I'm in a super busy phase at work, and I love giving myself the mental break from staring at a computer and instead making something physically with my hands (which also plays into my break from blogging - I can only stare at the computer for so long!).  When I do that sort of sewing, I like to pick something that really makes my heart sing (usually colorful and fun), and on the easier side, so I don't have to think too hard.  For some reason, picking the next thing on the list is the opposite of light and easy, so I tend to just do a random project that I haven't even thought about. :)  Rather than beat myself up over not being able to stick to a plan (my usual M.O.), I'm giving myself a little grace and permission to sew whatever my heart desires.  

Related to this is my on-going quest to get my style all figured out.  I was cleaning up some folders of old photos on my computer a few weeks ago, back from when I used to take my daily outfit photos, and I realized that the more I've tried to figure it out, the less I feel like I a) know what my style is or b) actually dress true to my style.  I think part of it is that I read a lot of blogs/books about style and end up getting a little too caught up into the rules (what is my uniform? how can I make a capsule wardrobe?) and current style trends (which exist just as much in the minimalism style world) and not actually going with my gut.  So again, I'm giving myself a little grace (and maybe a break from external style sources).

All that said, I'm not sure where I'm going to go from here.  I still have my huge stash and my huge list of projects.  I continue to add to both, and sometimes subtract (but at a slower rate).  The main reason I'm attracted to the idea of figuring out my style and having an intentional sewing plan/wardrobe is that it makes life easier, but right now I'm not feeling like it's easier.  Even as I'm typing this, I want to give it one last try and finally get something figured out, but I'm not sure how it will all work out.  Ugh.  April is going to be super crazy as well with both visitors and traveling ourselves, so I think I'm just going to wing it for a while and see where life takes me.  If I fit some sewing in there, that would be awesome, but we'll see!

Oh, and yeah, I finished two garments up in March (sneak peak at one of them above)!  Plus several things that are either partly done or abandoned.  I will try to actually document them at some point!