Monday, October 26, 2015

Keeping things rolling

So I had mentioned a while ago that I had a couple of things completed/half-completed on my fall sewing plans, but I haven't had the time to take photos or blog about them.  Life is a little crazy at the moment, but one of my stress-relief techniques is to fit in time to sew, as I find it soothing to physically create something.  It's been nice to have a plan of sorts to follow, as I don't have to individually plan each project and can just get straight to the sewing!

With all that said, here is one of my creations.  I had originally planned on sewing up this fabulous black/white striped linen from Mood in a loose turtleneck sweater thing from Burda, as shown below:


I had it mostly sewn together, and decided it was horrible.  It really just was not flattering, so I took it almost entirely apart and started over on Saturday.  I kept whittling away at it, and ended up with a sleeveless top with a very small mock turtleneck (?).  Unfortunately I don't really remember much of what I ended up doing, as it was a very organic process (as in I had no idea what I was doing), I also managed to break all my serger needles (4 of them), so the insides aren't finished the nicest, but I did zig-zag the seam allowances, as it will probably be a frayer.  I wasn't sure about it at first, but I do think I like it after all.


Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Hot Pink Scout Tee!

Continuing my fall sewing plan journey, I got busy late last night and whipped up my pink scout 3/4-sleeve woven tee.  I made a couple of changes from my wearable muslin, namely I went down from a size 8 to a 6, as it was a bit loose in the shoulders, and I lengthened the sleeves based on the tutorial on the Grainline Studio blog.  I didn't have enough fabric to do the longer sleeves on my first version, but I wish I had tested it first (more on that later).  The final change I made was to not do the french seams, as the fabric for the pink version is a bit beefier, and it wouldn't work as well.

First things first, I happened to take a picture when I was cutting it out, and I just want to mention that I will never go back to pins or cutting out with scissors if I can help it!  Pattern weights are just so much easier and faster to use, and the rotary cutter is much more precise as well as faster.

And without further ado, I give you the completed shirt!  It doesn't quite have the crisp, tailored look I was going for, and in hindsight, I should have realized it.  While the Scout tee is a super simple, quick, satisfying pattern to sew, it doesn't come with details like darts and any closures.  This gives it a loose fit, and it's particularly noticeable in the upper sleeves with the long sleeves.  I'm not exactly an expert when it comes to sleeves, but I do know there has to be a certain amount of ease if not working with a stretch fabric, but I wish they were just closer-fitting.  It just feels a little sloppy to me, but it is a very comfortable shirt, and I love the color.


This photo shows the texture of the fabric a bit better, which is really the stand-out feature.  It's a cotton/silk woven fabric, which is a bit like raw silk, just less shiny and a little heavier.  Looking at this photo, I'm thinking maybe I should add two patch pockets at the bottom, to give it a little more interest - what do you think?

And just for fun, a closing shot of the insides.  Instead of the french seams, I serged all the seam allowances, as this fabric would fray like no other otherwise.  I used a scrap of bias tape that I had left-over from another project for the neckline binding, which was literally the exact size I needed.  And who doesn't like have some stripes on the inside?

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Getting Started on Fall Sewing

So after making my big "plans" for fall sewing, I got started last week.  You may have looked below at the pictures, and said, hey, that wasn't in the plans, but trust me, it's part of it!  I wanted to start out with the magenta blouse, but I wanted to test out my pattern first, since it was a new pattern, I started with the Burda Style 3/4 Sleeve Top, which has an interesting curved dart.

My first muslin I made up in an orange herringbone flannel which has been hanging around for a while, and was super soft, but unfortunately, the dart shape was just all wrong, and I didn't really know where to start to fix it.  I scrapped that pattern and finally broke down and bought the Grainline Studio Scout Tee pattern, which is like the superstar of woven tees in the indie pattern world.  I've resisted, because it's just so basic, but then I found they had provided a tutorial for lengthening the sleeves a few years ago, and it was pretty much the exact shape I was looking for.  

Again, I wanted to try it out first, so I used a plaid lightweight wool that has also been hanging out for a while with no plans.  I sewed it up in a straight size 8, which matches my measurements according the size chart perfectly, but I think it's a little loose up top, and I will size down to a six for the final version. 

It was a super easy top to sew up, given how basic it is, and I even took the time to french seam the whole thing, even the sleeves!  I'm really happy with how it came out, and will definitely be using this pattern to make up the magenta top in my plan (with longer sleeves), not to mention I have a great wearable new top!



An added bonus - it matches my new turquoise tweed blazer, which I'm super excited about breaking out a lot this fall.  I was really looking for a black/white tweed suit, but I fell for this one from Boden.


And this is just the start - I already have 1.5 more items done from my list!  Stay tuned for further progress.