Thursday, October 30, 2014

My Love Affair with Real Estate

Our adventure in house-buying was a year long, involved so, so many weekend trips from DC to Philly, several houses that sold before we could put in an offer (the joy of long-distance house-hunting), 3 offers, 2 house inspections, and one purchase.  I had great fun (although I was super antsy at the end), but John was definitely ready for a break from my constant schemings and emailed links from Redfin.

I thought we were pretty settled until I happened to notice a house a couple of blocks down the street was a short sale for $80k (a really, really good deal in our neighborhood).  We actually started down the road of figuring out the details of flipping it, and it was actually seeming promising, but then, once again, it sold out from under us.  It got me thinking though, and now I have big plans for this building that I saw back when we first started looking in New Jersey:

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It's some kind of post-thing, and comes with a theater room and a bowling alley, and even two cannons - can I say how awesome an apartment building that could be?  I'm working on getting John on board, but unfortunately, I think this one is a bit out of our price range given that our nest egg got a hit when we, you know, bought a house two months ago.  In the meantime, I'm making all these cool plans in my head.  Anyone want to fund them? :)

Me Made Fall - 10/30/14

I haven't sewn in a couple of weeks now, due to a busy schedule and John building me a cutting table, which pretty much took over my sewing area, and it feels weird.  This cardigan/jacket was the last thing I made, and I hadn't gotten around to wearing it yet, since the weather was a touch too warm for its ample coziness. I bought this fabric on a whim when it was a 50% fabric of the day special from Mood (unfortunately now sold out), and I love it.

I've had the Esther cardigan pattern from Burda for probably a few  years now, and never got around to making it, but figured this would be a good fit.  Unfortunately, as you can see from the photo below, the fabric choice makes a big difference in how it hangs.  I wasn't going for a chubby jacket, but oh well, such is sewing without planning. :)

It was super easy to sew, and only took an hour or two, including cutting out the fabric.  The only thing I did differently from the pattern was I enclosed the raw edges of the jacket body in the edge binding, since it looks so much cleaner.  It was a little tricky sewing through all the layers, but I made it work.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Putting Together a Color Palette

As I've been slowly pulling together all of my thoughts about my wardrobe and where I want it to go, I've been trying to narrow down the colors in my wardrobe palette.  I love color, and I have no idea what looks good on me (one minute I think cool colors, the next I think warm colors, then bright colors, then muted...).  Certain colors have stood out over the years though, and certain colors I just love, so I've pulled together a somewhat more focused (although still every color of the rainbow) palette I'm going to work towards.  Here are some pictures that have colors that I just love:


You will notice there is no tan in there, despite the fact I've been wearing quite a bit of it lately.  While I still like it, and it definitely evokes fall to me, I think I'm going to limit it to small doses, since I just don't think my skin tone likes it.  The mustard yellow and to some extent the green below also fall in that camp, but I love them, so they stay.  I guess that means I'm cool-toned, but I love warm colors, so I'm resisting.  The sky blue is a color I'm wavering on a bit, but I really like how it goes with the other colors in the blanket photo above, so I think I might incorporate it, just to lighten things up a bit.

Lesson Learned - 10/29/14

I've been focused lately on making my wardrobe more versatile, and coming up with new ways to wear some of my favorite pieces of clothing.  Today was a bit of a dud though, and I should have gone with one of my more successful pairings with this skirt, like this outfit or this one.

While this skirt is not too outrageous, I think that more stand-out type pieces shouldn't be worn that frequently (she's wearing that bright pink shirt again? she just wore it two days ago!), and therefore it's ok if there aren't as many items to pair with it.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Blue Print - 10/28/14

This shirt is maybe too casual, but I love the fabric.  I typically don't wear too many prints, but I really like this one for some reason.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Fall at the Shore

This weekend I went to the Jersey shore for the first time, despite John extolling its virtues for the past 8 years or so.  It was really beautiful and not at all like the stereotypical MTV version.  It did help we were there in the off-season, and in a different part of the shore, though.  Now that I am officially a New Jersian (sp?), I justify it as all bad stereotypes come from North Jersey, and I live in South Jersey. :)

It was a gorgeous weekend, filled with bike-riding, grilling, hanging out with friends, beach wandering, and yes, even a very quick dip in the ocean.

Gettin' Tweedy With It - 10/27/14