Wednesday, April 15, 2015

taking inspiration - 4/15/15

I pinned this photo not too long ago onto my style board, because I loved the color combination.  I've been wanting a pair of tan pants, but haven't found a good pair that fit, and so I switched over to this olive green color, and found a pair that I liked.  I'm really trying to get away from my black pants rut, and I think this is a great neutral that goes with most of the colors in my wardrobe.  I wouldn't wear it up by my face, since I think it would tend to make me look sick, but great as a bottom. 

I realized that I don't have any grey warm weather shirts in my wardrobe (a hole I didn't realize was there), but I do have this heather blue tee, which has a similar impact, and I was pleased with this work from home outfit.  It's pretty casual, but I like that I'm not wearing jeans, like I do every other day.

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