Thursday, March 2, 2017

March Sewing Plans

Since I just kind of vomited my massive sewing list yesterday in my February check-in post, I thought I should narrow things down and actually select just a couple of projects to focus on for March.  If I get these things done, I can work on whittling away at the long, long list, but these FIRST! :)

Megan Nielsen Dove Blouse - This one has been on the list and cut out since September, and I'm super excited about the fabric/pattern combo, but for some reason it keeps getting put on the back burner!  This one is my top priority, as it will be perfect for spring.

Sallie Jumpsuit - I started this for our trip to Thailand over a year ago, and didn't finish it up in time, so it's been sitting in pieces ever since.  I was thinking about starting something new for Easter, but then I figured this jumpsuit would work well, so now I have another deadline for it!

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