Monday, June 1, 2015

Catching up on the backlog

Since I haven't had a chance to sew lately, I figured I would at least take some photos of some of my already completed projects which didn't make it into the closet, but came out nicely.  This is another little girl dress, which I wore once (with tights!), but the neckline was a bit uncomfortable.

It is a self-drafted bodice with a half-circle skirt.  Unfortunately, the amount of black material I had dictated the length, and it ended up a bit short, as usual.  The bodice fabric is a left-over brocade from a pair of pants that have been in progress for way too long now.  I finish the arm and neck-holes with 1/8" seam binding, and I love how it looks (plus it's a super-clean finish).


Susan Ashworth said...

I think it's as cute as can be! How about over capri leggings, for too-warm-for-tights weather?

Laura said...

Thanks, Susan! It would be cute over leggings as well!