Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Playing with Proportions

I'm back at my wardrobe investigation - trying to figure out what I like and what looks best, and for some reason it's so much easier to figure these things out via photos versus just looking in the mirror.  One of my favorite things to wear is black/white stripes, so I played with a couple different proportions this morning.

The non-changing part of the outfit:

  • black/white striped tee - overall I like the fit of it, but there are a couple of areas I would change.  First, the neckline is a bit too high, as I tend to prefer a scoop neck, and it's also just a tad too long, at least for this outfit.
  • high-waisted bootleg jeans - being a short-waisted person to begin with, these are jeans that require me to leave my shirt untucked.  With a too-long shirt as well, this ends up a bit awkward.  I do like the way high-waisted jeans fit though, so they are good as long as I can wear my shirt untucked.  I've been stuck in a skinny jean rut for a while as well, and it's nice to have a different silhouette.  I had to hem these to get them the right length, which is one of the nice things about sewing - the ability to make things the right proportions!
 Where things started to change - the topper:

  • My first try was my silky black bomber jacket (on the right), which works well with the casual vibe of my stay-at-home outfit.  With the too-long shirt though, it looks a bit mumsy and not quite pulled together.
  • My long black cardigan (on the left) works better proportionally, I think, but the high neckline of the tee is still bothering me.  
Overall, still not the greatest outfit, but I have learned that hip-length shirts require a hip-length (or longer) topper.

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