Monday, November 21, 2016

Rug Woes

I go through phases with my hobbies, and decorating my house has been no exception.  We moved in over two years ago, and I went through an intense phase right away of getting everything put together, but lost steam before I could declare total victory.  Getting our HVAC system redone this summer has reinvigorated me, because new drywall in places means pretty much everywhere needs to be painted (which I contemplated when we moved in, but it was pretty low on the priority list).  So far I've painted the kitchen (pale yellow), and picked out colors for the dining room (greenish-grey) and living room (pale aqua), but I'm running up against another problem.  When we got a puppy this summer I was nervous about  him eating things, but he's been pretty good with one exception.  So far he's gone through three rugs, and I'm at a bit of a loss with how to deal with it, except to never allow him in a room with a rug unsupervised (he always chews them when we're not there).

Rug #1 was a fairly early purchase from, which we were really happy with, despite it being more of a maroon color instead of the brick red they said:

This one got a hole chewed/scratched through both the rug and rug pad about 2-3" in diameter.  One option is to see if it could be repaired in some way, but I'm not holding my breath on that one.

Rug #2 was in the dining room, and isn't super noticeable, so we just put that one away for the time being.

Rug #3 I bought as a training rug.  I thought it was going to be a flatweave rug, but again thanks to ordering off the internet (, it ended up being a rag rug.  It was working fairly well, in that if we were in the room, we could correct behavior and I was able to fix small issues with the rug, and it was going well, until I started getting sloppy and leaving him alone in the living room.  A large hole later, it wasn't redeemable.

So we come to today.  So far, what we're working with is pale aqua walls (which aren't there yet, and could change if needed), a tan velvet chesterfield sofa (which I would love to recover, but probably a bit pricey and it doesn't really need it right now), two dark green chairs (I've been meaning to recover these since I got them 7 or 8 years ago, and they could actually use it), and pale beige leather chair, which also could use a recovering, but we're holding off until Eddie is out of puppy-hood.  So basically it's all just a bunch of colors that could change, which isn't super helpful.  There is also a stained glass window by the stairs which is primarily burgundy, pale blue, and yellow.

I've picked out a few bright options, and now I just have to convince John that one of them will be good (for some reason, rugs are a super tough thing for us to agree on).  I like rugs that incorporate a bunch of different colors, and all of these incorporate the colors throughout the first floor - aqua, yellow, orange-red (which is the accent color in the dining room).

This one is probably my favorite so far.

Too much orange?

This one feels a little cheaper to me, for some reason.

This one doesn't blend color-wise quite as well, but I really like the design.

Too much blue?

As a side note, all these rugs are from, and they are having 50%-60% off as a pre-black Friday sale today!  I have not ordered from them before, but I'm finding their free return policy quite attractive, as that's always been the tricky part of ordering rugs online, in that it's super expensive to ship them back if they don't quite work out.

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