Thursday, March 5, 2015

A circus tent of a skirt

A while ago I bought this crazy big dress at a thrift store, because it had a lot of fabric to it, and it was a beautifully soft silk.  Examining its insides revealed it was already a handmade garment, but it was sewn very beautifully.

I attempted to make a top out of the top half, but it wasn't coming together well, and ended up on the reject pile.  I've been wanting to try a full skirt silhouette for a while, and this dress presented the perfect opportunity.  All I had to do was cut off the bottom below the second ruffle, and then fold over the flat section to make a channel for elastic.  I then cut a piece of elastic to the proper length, inserted it into the channel, sewed it up, and voila, a skirt!  I have officially determined that it is not a good look for me, style-wise, and John called it my circus tent skirt, due to the stripes.  I'm debating what to do with it now, and I might try to revamp it yet once again.  This is is the garment that keeps giving!

Even tomboys like a twirly skirt every now and then!


Susan Ashworth said...

My two cents - I don't think the skirt looks like a circus tent on you, perhaps due to the drape of the silk. But the waistband doesn't seem to flatter you. Maybe the stripe going horizontally at the waist might be better?

Although I wouldn't be surprised if you are over remaking this dress. You certainly get an A for effort.

Laura said...

Haha...thanks for the A! I think John is more referring to the stripes when he calls it the circus tent skirt (at least I hope so!). :) I agree, it just isn't flattering, which I pretty much already knew, since I like pencil skirts/straight skirts much better.