Friday, February 3, 2017

January Sewing Check-in

Since I'm trying to be better about sticking with a plan and actually finishing up stuff, I thought a monthly check-in might be a good idea (and maybe will keep me accountable?).  What better time to start than summarizing the first month of the year!  Last night I went through all my in-progress items and made a couple of lists - completed items the past month, repairs, sewing priorities this month, and the holding pen of in-progress and planned projects, which I can pull from if I happen to get everything done!  This post will be a bit long, as it's the first time I'm putting everything down in writing, but hopefully things will shorten up as we go along.  I also have a list of all my fabrics with project ideas, but they aren't imminent, so won't go into the check-in posts.

Items completed in January:
I wasn't quite as productive as I was hoping in January, but I did get two things completed from start to finish (both sort of from my Fall sewing plans).  These were:


While I always get distracted by the shiny new projects, another resolution of mine is to take care of the clothes I already have (whether or not I made them).  They are usually quick fixes, but they sit in my repair pile for way too long.  I'm going to try to make them a top priority every month.

  • Free People orange/pink voile tunic - need to hem.  I bought it recently second-hand, and it has an intentional raw hem.  I wore it as is a few times, but it drives me crazy, and I'll be a lot happier with it hemmed.
  • Marine Layer eye tee - I bought this tee this past summer and it just makes me happy (although it creeps John out).  I had an accident while dealing with picking up a barking dog while answering the door with not-quite dry nail polish, so there is a magenta stain right at the neckline.  I think I can get away with cutting the neckline a bit deeper and rescue it, so we'll see how that goes!
  • Me-made geometric toaster - yes, this is the same item from my completed list!  It's wearable as is, but I didn't hem the sleeves, and I think I'll be a lot happier if I add cuffs.

February Sewing Priorities (both in-progress and not started):
I'm going to try to keep this list short, so I can actually accomplish it!  I know it makes the most sense to keep it to in-progress items only, but I do have a project on the list for an event later this month which I haven't started yet.
  • In-Progress:
    • Clay linen Hemlock tee - I've got this one about half done, so it will be a quick win to finish it up, as well as adds to my inventory of dress-up/dress-down tops that is a need right now.
    • Beige/black Dove blouse - This is the last hold-out from my Fall sewing plans!  It's been cut out since September, so I really need to just suck it up and sew it finally.
    • Embroidered pillow covers (2) - I started doing this embroidery in January, but lost steam.  I would love to pick this back up and finish at least one pillow.
  • Not Started:
    • Polka-dots/floral top and skirt - This isn't started at all, but this is the outfit for later this month.  Unfortunately I have a very limited amount of material, and have a drawing of what I want, but no pattern, so we'll see how this goes.  It could be amazing, or a complete flop.

Sewing Holding Pen:

  • In-Progress:
    • Pink floral tee - need to hem and add cuffs.  This could probably go into the repair category, as it's essentially wearable at the moment, but I haven't worn it yet, so we'll call it in-progress.
    • Ivory Toaster #1 sweater - all cut out, should be a quick sew.
    • Oscar De La Renta silk tank - currently mostly sewn up as a blouse, but the sleeves are super poofy.  I want to take the sleeves off and turn it into a tank.
    • Poppy silk kimono - Not a fan of the fit, so want to turn it into a tank, maybe an Odgen?
    • Ivory silky tank - cut out and started sewing. Need to find facing materials.
    • Grey linen throw quilt - loose collection of ideas that needs to come together.  
    • Clay linen capris - cut out, but on hold until warmer weather
    • Tote for mom - won't see her until the spring, so low on the priority list.
    • 4 placemats - all cut out, but don't need them right now, so low on the list
    • Turquoise striped Galleria culottes - cut out and started sewing, but lost steam.  On hold until warmer months.
    • Purple/red Sallie jumpsuit - same as above.
  • Not Started:
    • Pink floral bra/panties - This (plus the next few on the list) are the result of me getting inspired to up my me-made undie game.  I pulled together a selection of suitable fabrics (and ordered some necessary elastics), so I'll be playing around with these as I have time. 
    • Nude bra/panties 
    • Black bra/panties
    • Clay linen pillow cover - I had just enough left over after I cut out my Hemlock tee and capris to make the the front of a pillow cover, which will go nicely with my embroidered covers.  
Whew, there you have it!  Maybe now it's all down for posterity I will stick with it!  How about you, do you have any big sewing plans, or do you like to just wing it?


Kimberly Payne said...

Love that you went through everything to get a clear idea of what you want to be working on. I tend to ignore the in progress projects and just work on the shiny and new. But I am also working on that this month.

McLaura said...

Thanks, Kimberly! It's taken me several years to realize I am way more productive if I actually finish things, rather than get distracted! I'm off to a good start this year, and I hope your February goes well too!