Monday, August 15, 2016

Summer Sewing

So I'm way behind in blogging my latest creations, but I have two to share that I'm super happy with!  The first is the Willow dress from Grainline Studios.  I bought the pattern right when it came out, but  then I managed to lose it in a closet for about a month (oops!).  I made up the tank version first, but haven't taken any pictures yet.  I did want to try the dress though, and I had the perfect fabric for it, which was a linen/cotton blend I had picked up at Joann's.

For my initial tank version, I sewed it up exactly like the pattern (picture below on left), with the high round neckline.  For the dress version though, I wanted to change things up a bit, and add a deep v to both the front and back of the neckline, like my inspiration on the right below.  I also wanted to eliminate the fold-over at the low waist, as it would hit at a not-so-flattering spot on me, and probably wouldn't even show up really with the busy print.  If you're extra observant, you may notice that I have raised the dart up in the picture above, as it hit a little low on my first version.  It didn't really work though, so I have to research a bit on how to fix that problem.  It's a common one I have, being on the petite/smaller-boobed side of things.


I winged the neckline adjustment, and didn't account for the width of the bias tape finish properly, so I ended up doing exposed bias tape instead of on the inside, like the pattern calls for, because it would have been super bulky otherwise.  I would have preferred it inside, but I don't think it looks bad. 

As far as a pattern goes, it is a quick sew and a great basic design, there are definitely more in my future!  Without further ado, my Willow dress:

My second project is also visible in the above photos - my espadrille sandals!  I had taught some women how to make espadrille shoes earlier this summer, but I wasn't happy with my sample version.  Mostly this was due to me ordering a size too small, and they just didn't quite fit properly.  My solution was to remake them as sandals, and take advantage of the smaller fabric requirement to use up some of my Thai silk, leftover from a throw pillow I made earlier this year.

Again, this was very much a wing-it project, and I made it all up as I went.  I initially thought about finding buckles and doing a more professional closure, but my impatience won out and I just went for ankle straps that tied.  The biggest change was that I intended to double up the ankle straps, but for some reason forgot I needed to then cut 8 pieces instead of 4.  I only had enough fabric for four, and there was no way I was going to be able to do a skinny hem on those bad boys (fray city), so I took advantage of the frayiness and just sewed a double line close to the edge and frayed up to my sewn line.  I really like the way it looks, and think it would have been too thick to double-up anyway.  There are a few things I might adjust eventually (the front piece is maybe a touch loose, and the angle the ankle-straps are attached at is not big enough), but I'm really pleased with them.  Unfortunately, their first trip out I managed to step in both a giant wad of gum and dog poop, but that's just part of breaking them in, right?

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