Friday, January 6, 2017

A year of outfits - day 6

Friday, Jan 6 - work from home

Outfit details:  Marine Layer white long-sleeve tee (newish/online), Lululemon silky jogger pants (new/thrifted)

I just got these pants in an attempt to spice up my at-home wardrobe, but I have no idea how to wear them.  I tend to stay away from this silhouette (baggy up top), because they aren't the most flattering, but I think this pair doesn't look too bad, actually.  I literally could not figure out a top or shoes though, without going the super basic white tee route.  Any suggestions?  I'm not even sure what style of shirt would look good, except a tee.  

A common thread about outfits/articles of clothes that I'm not super happy with is sloppiness, I've also decided.  This tee for example is just a bit too sloppy, and I should have gone with a more fitted version.


STAshworth said...

Your tee doesn't look oversized to me, except for the too-long sleeves. Maybe hemming them up would make you feel better about the outfit.

McLaura said...

Susan, you hit the nail on the head! Being on the petite side, I struggle to get the fit right, and shortening the sleeves would do the trick here!