Friday, August 8, 2014

Feeling Stripey, Take 2 - 8/7/14

Even when most of my clothes aren't packed away, I tend to really like certain things, and I typically wear at least one garment once during the week and once during the weekend, which is what I did with my stripey sweater.  Last time though I paired it with black, but this time with navy, because it's that super dark navy that doesn't really look blue unless you look really closely at it against black.  I actually am not a fan of that navy, and thought this shirt was black when I bought it, but it works.  It's a nice way to mix things up, if nothing else.

What I wore:
  • navy/white striped sweater (I even called it black/white last time :) )
  • white cami
  • navy capris
  • tan t-strap heels
  • gold hoops
  • yellow crystal gold necklace
  • silver/gold watch
Where I went:
  • work, so many meetings
How I felt:
  • continuing yesterday's theme, I felt more feminine than usual 
  • I usually feel a bit frumpy in these pants, as I would like them to be skinnier, but I didn't today.  I think it's because the top was tighter than I usually wear with them, and balanced it out a bit.
What would have made it better:
  • Can't really think of anything specific
  • 9

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