Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Thinking Ahead - Black Strappy Sandals

You may or may not have noticed that a certain pair of shoes has a disproportionate amount of wear lately, and no, it's not because I've packed all my other shoes.

Black strappy sandals have been a staple of my wardrobe for several years now, and I think I'm currently on my 4th or 5th pair.  Because they are a staple, I like them to be high quality and last for at least a few years, but this current pair has passed its second anniversary and has been worn 68 times, according to my spreadsheet, and I bought them for $69, so they've put in their time.  I'm hoping to keep them up through the end of the summer, but now is a good time to start thinking about replacing them, since I can hopefully get a new pair on sale, and I hate the feeling of having to get a pair of shoes NOW when the summer starts, because that usually ends up with me stressing out and getting a pair I don't like.  I also tend to hate new trends in shoes, and am a year or two behind in shoe styles, so it works out well. :)

A quick trip through the selections on Zappos brings up several options, but I haven't nailed down what I want them to look like exactly yet.  The main criteria that are constant through all my pairs of shoes is that they have a strap high up across the top of my foot (I have a weird bump there and I just think it flatters my foot the most), a strap around the back (I hate sandals slipping off), and can be worn in semi-dressy and casual situations.  Oh, and they most definitely have to be comfortable.  The vast majority of black sandals that I purchase and then return (thanks to the ease of online shopping) are because they don't have enough support or just aren't comfortable.  Check out below for my current favorites:

I actually own this pair in tan (long story, I intended to buy them in black), and they are seriously the most comfortable pair of heels I've ever owned.  They are a tad too dressy though for my everyday strappy sandals, I think, and I usually prefer the soles to be black as well.  I really didn't realize how picky I was about the black sandal until I wrote down all my criteria!

These are a little more expensive than I usually like to go, but I really like the chunkier feel of them.  I think I could get away with wearing these with shorts, and the heel makes them dressier for the office.

More casual, but I like that the buckle is black (again with the obsessive matching thing - this way I don't have to match metals).

Are these really sandals?  I don't know, but I'm digging the more covered up look.

These are a good, basic option.  I really like a straight across strap though instead of the criss-cross.

I love the cut-outs and the wide band on this pair, but I think I want to mix it up a bit more from my current pair and take it a little dressier.

A more trendy option, but very cute.  I do worry about this style though, since the pair I have like it rubbed my ankles the wrong way, literally.

Just for fun, I could purchase the exact same pair again. :)

Ok, I'm officially on black sandals overload, time for a break!  What do you think - any favorites among the contenders?  Do you have a staple style of shoes you buy over and over?

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