Thursday, September 24, 2015

Fall Sewing Plans

I'm trying to be good and work my way through my vast pile of half-sewn garments, but I'm just not too excited about them at the moment.  So I did the worst thing possible, and ordered some more fabric!  I actually have plans for all of them, which is better than a typical fabric purchase, where I'm just attracted to pretty and don't have any ideas.  These might change when I get my hands on the actual fabric, but I figured I have a better chance of succeeding if I write it all down, so here goes:

This is a fun quilted double-knit, that I'm envisioning as some kind of mini-dress/tunic.  My inspiration picture below is from Sundance, but I'm thinking the Inari tee dress is a great pattern for it, with possibly a few sleeve adjustments.  I was initially thinking of doing the cables vertically, but I'm not sure, what's your vote?

This magenta fabric is a beautiful cotton/silk blend that I already purchased a month or so ago from Mood, and it has great texture.  I'm thinking a structured 3/4-sleeve blouse, something along the lines of cropping this Burda dress pattern which I just got, pictured below.


I love a good stripe, and this woven fabric is no exception, which I purchased at the same time as the magenta above.  I'm wavering on what I want to make with it, but I definitely want to make something.  I'm thinking either another top like the magenta one above, maybe doing the dress version, or even something wild and crazy like the cowl sweater below?  I just got that pattern as well, and it's intended for knits, but I think it would work with a woven, because it's a pretty relaxed fit.


I have big plans for this knit floral - a matching set!   I'm going to make a mini-skirt based on my self-drafted pattern, and a vest/sleeveless top similar to the one below (probably with a squared hem).  I just got a coral button-down that should match perfectly, and I'm excited about all the mix-and-match possibilities for this one.


This red floral is a silk jersey, that will be perfect for an easy shift dress, but now that I've gotten to the end of my list, there are several dresses on there already.  Although, I am a huge fan of dresses with tights and boots in the colder weather,  so who knows.  I could just do a simple tee, or something with a little more interest, like the shirt below.  OK, so I don't have a plan at all with this one, but I just really like it, and will hopefully make something with it!

So there we have it - nothing too complicated, but all theoretically very wearable!  I guess it is less of a sewing plan as opposed to just some random thoughts, but at least I'm getting there.  Any thoughts to help me firm up my plans?

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