Monday, September 14, 2015

Little girl dress #3?

So I've been stuck in this little girl dress phase for a little while now, as seen here and here, but I actually used a pattern without modifying it at all, and surprise, surprise, it came out pretty well!  I think the waist is about an inch or two too low, and I wouldn't put the pockets in if I redid it, as they add a bit too much bulk, but overall, I'm happy with this dress.  I even wore it out in public!


The pattern is the Malvarosa Dress from Pauline Alice, which is a basic shape, a drop-waist dress, but with some interesting details, like the structured cap sleeves and pockets.  I used a polka-dotted seersuckerish-like fabric, that was lightweight, but worked well with the structure of the dress,  I think.

It was a quick and straight-forward sew, with the only piece that made me think a bit was the pockets, as one side of the lining is part of the top piece.  I also didn't think to edge stitch the pocket linings until after I had attached the skirt to the top, and it was still possible to do so, but not quite as neat.  Due to the weight of the gathered skirt, edge-stitching didn't end up making that much of a difference.

I don't remember what size I ended up sewing, but I think I might size it down one size next time I sew it up, skip the pockets, and shorten the top piece by 1" or 2".  I'm also contemplating during a shirt version, as I think the shaping is really nice.

Overall, great pattern!

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