Wednesday, September 28, 2016

10x10 Fall Remix - Day 9!

So I fell off the bandwagon for daily posting, but I promise I kept up with the remix challenge!  To recap a bit:

Day 4, Friday - black tee, knit skirt, black strappy sandals
Day 5, Saturday - black tee, jeans, brown corderoy jacket (technically #11, but outerwear, so I'm not counting it), and red/yellow shawl
Day 6, Sunday - oatmeal sweater, jeans, lace-up brown booties 
Day 7, Monday - black tee, jeans, black/green/turquoise shawl
Day 8, Tuesday - white long-sleeve tee, jeans (feeling sick so wanted a cozy tee)

We're almost at the finish line though, so I figured I would finish strong.  Today I went into the office, so dressed up a bit.

1)  J. Jill green sweater tank - from day 2.  I was thinking I would wear this one more than twice, but that's all it made it.  As it finally got cooler, I was able to take advantage of it's layering ability, and wear it as a sweater vest.

2)  Uniqulo white button-down - Full disclosure, I was supposed to wear this yesterday with jeans and a scarf, but I wasn't feeling well, so I just wore a comfy tee instead.  Theoretically it is its second appearance though, which again, I thought it would make it in more.  I might still wear it in tomorrow's outfit as well, I haven't decided.  I have a mixed relationship with button-downs.  I was a teenager in the 90s, and I basically wore button-downs every day, particularly of the plaid variety.  I stopped wearing them for quite a while, and I'm slowly reintroducing them into my wardrobe.  They just don't feel very feminine to me, I think, and I'm trying to fem up my wardrobe a bit.

3)  Me-made knit skirt - I wore this one on Friday with a black tee, which my husband was like, why are you so dressed up to work from home?  A prime example of me getting dressed just to optimize my 10 items!  I personally think it's a pretty casual skirt though, particularly since I never got around to hemming it (really finicky fabric).  I love the print, but the non-hem and general fussiness of the fabric (I'm always having to adjust it) means I don't wear it very much.  I think I will probably end up getting rid of the skirt after this experiment, but I always like to give things a shot.

4)  Lace-up brown booties - This was another "cheat" sort of thing, in that I brought these booties back into the mix.  I only wore my second pair of black sandals once, so I don't think it's too bad of a cheat. :)  This is a really new look for me to wear booties with a skirt, and overall I think it's not too bad.  I'm thinking about getting a pair of black booties to wear with tights and skirts this winter, so this was sort of a trial run for that.  The one thing I worry about with it is that being a shortie, it chops me off a bit, but especially if I wear black tights with black booties it won't be too noticeable.

5)  Accessories:

  • Sundance tiny silver hoops - from day 3.
  • Green pearl necklace - I got this one from my mom, and I probably wouldn't have picked it out myself, but I wear it all the time.  It's just one of those things that goes with everything.

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