Tuesday, September 20, 2016

10x10 Fall Remix - Day 1!

I'm finally diving into the capsule wardrobe world!  Well, more like dipping my toe in, but hey, it's something.  I'm playing along with the Un-Fancy Fall Remix, which means I selected 10 items (including shoes!) and can only wear those 10 items for 10 days.  The idea here is to force me to try new combinations and get outside my normal wardrobe box.

I was going to do an initial post showing my 10 items, but after I gathered them all together, I sat down to figure out my outfits, and realized I was too optimistic as to whether or not fall had actually arrived, and I had to switch out a few of the heavier items for more appropriate items for 85+ degrees, because summer just refuses to leave.  So instead I will just post a daily photo, because today is Day 1, and do a summary at the end.

Without further ado - today's outfit!

These first few days will be pretty simple, since it will be close to 90 degrees out, and I have to keep cool.  I'm working from home today, so it's a simple basic outfit.

1)  Black sweater vest from Everlane - This is a great classic that I bought this summer and have been wearing a ton.  I love the split hem, and it gives a bit of polish that a basic tank or tee just can't quite do, while still being lightweight and cool.  I love the concept of Everlane (transparency and quality), and have tried ordering multiple things over the past few years, but this is the only garment I've kept from them.

2)  My favorite pair of jeans - dark skinnies from Madewell.  I bought them second-hand a while back, I believe from the now-defunct online store Twice.  They fit me so perfectly.  Madewell and Joe's Jeans are my go-to brands for jeans.

3)  Franco Sarto black strappy sandals - I've waxed poetic about these on the blog before, so they are no stranger here.  This is actually my second pair, because I wore my first pair basically 2 out of 3 days in the warmer weather for 2 years and wore them out.  When I went shopping for a new pair of black sandals, I tried others, but these still won out and I got my second pair, which is also at the end of their second summer, and they are still going strong.  I'm shooting for three summers for these!

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