Wednesday, September 21, 2016

10x10 Fall Remix - Day 2

Another work from home day today, and on the hotter side, so not the most elaborate of outfits, but that's more my speed anyway.  I do have my church small group to go to tonight, so I will leave the house and spend time with other humans, so I did make a bit more effort than yesterday though!

1)  J. Jill green sweater tank - I scored this one at Goodwill this summer, and I've worn it a bunch.  I'm weirdly not loving it as much in the photo though, what do you think?  I'm hoping it will be pretty versatile with layering, so stay tuned as to how else I wear it!  I've been trying to make a muted green one of my neutrals for several years, and I'll get there eventually.

2) Madewell dark skinny jeans - from Day 1

3) Franco Sarto black strappy sandals - from Day 1

4) Accessories - I realized I didn't wear any yesterday, but they are a key element of mixing things up, since they don't count towards the 10 items.  Today's accessories include:

  • Green dangle earrings - these were a gift from John several years ago (from KUKLAstudio) and I don't wear them very much.  I think they are really cool though, and I like to wear them when I have short hair.  One of my goals with this challenge is to mix things up with accessories.
  • Black/silver watch - I've written about this one before, but I bought it forever ago at Target and I love it dearly.  At this point it's on watchband at least #4, and I've put way more money into it in watchbands than its original purchase price ($15 maybe?), but it's worth it.  

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