Thursday, September 22, 2016

10x10 Fall Remix - Day 3

Day 3 of the Un-Fancy Fall Remix challenge I actually went into the office, so had to dress up a bit more!

1) Everlane black sweater vest - from Day 1

2) J. Brand grey cropped chinos - I switched these out from my tan cropped pants, because they went better with my warmer temperature switches.  I bought them a while ago from a consignment store (don't remember which), and I've been on the fence about them a bit.  They fit nicely, but there is something about the color that I'm not a huge fan of, maybe I would like it to be a cooler grey?  I normally wear them rolled at the bottom (you can still see my roll lines), but I actually do like them better straight.  Maybe that was the problem!  I also have a weird problem where I can't ever figure out what shoes to wear them with if my top doesn't have black in it (so I can wear black shoes).  I have some issues with color-matching that I've been working through the past few years. :)

3)  Nine West black heeled sandals - I think I got these from Twice, as I've had them a while.  I like them a lot, as they dress me up a bit, but are still super comfy.  I do not like to wear them with dresses though (something about the point at which they hit makes me feel like they chop me up to much), so I pretty much wear them exclusively with cropped pants.

4)  Accessories - I actually intended to wear a black/grey/white silk scarf I bought in Thailand with this outfit, and it was going to tie all together and be awesome.  Unfortunately, the grey was way more blue than my pants, and it just looked off.  I even debated on putting on a different outfit, but instead went with some of my tried and true jewelry pieces:
  • Sundance tiny silver hoops - I love Sundance jewelry, as it is typically has an artisan feel.  I have these earring both in gold and silver and I wear them to death, as they are my go-to simple earrings.
  • H&M long silver drop necklace - This necklace is the opposite of artisan, as it was $5 from H&M, but I equally love it and wear it to death.  I recently replaced the chain, as the "silver" was wearing off, but the pendant is going strong.  I think part of the reason I love it so much is that it reminds me of a silver teardrop I wore all the time in high school/college.  I don't remember  all the details, but I believe my aunt's dentist had made it out of silver left over from fillings, which is a little bizarre now that I think about it, but it was hand-crafted!  I lost it on a trip to the Netherlands my sophomore year of college and I still miss it dearly.
  • Black/silver watch - from day 2.

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