Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Summer 10x10 Challenge!

I've done this a few times now, but I'm currently participating in the #summer10x10 challenge hosted by Style Bee and Un-Fancy.  The basic idea here is to take 10 items of clothing and wear only them for 10 days, and there can be a lot of reasons for doing so.  I'm mostly just bored with my summer wardrobe so far, and want to be more intentional about, so no big overarching goals this time around.  I noticed as I started pulling things together I was going more neutral than usual, so I decided to stick with it and only do black/white/a touch a denim this time around.  These are very common colors for me, but I don't usually go that long without some color in there as well, so it will be interesting to see how it goes!

I'm technically on day 3, and doing well so far!  I'll probably do a couple of posts along the way with my daily photos and any general thoughts along the way.  Have you ever considered doing a challenge like this?

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