Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Black and White all Over - 1/25/15

Playing catch-up a bit today!  I've been working from home quite a bit more lately, which means my daily routine isn't that interesting, and not much is blog-worthy. :)  Sunday I did get dressed up though, so I have an outfit photo from then.  Our old church in DC met on Sunday evenings and was quite casual, so I usually wore jeans.  Our new church here is also on the casual side, but especially since I wear t-shirts and jeans when I work at home, it's nice to dress up a bit more.  One of my favorite tricks to make myself like my clothes again is to put them away for a while and re-evaluate later.  I was planning on getting rid of this skirt (which I last wore in November - the beauty of both spreadsheets and a blog with outfit posts), but I gave it another shot, and decided I do like it after all.  The trick with this one is that I prefer to wear non-tucked in shirts that are black, which, while it's pretty specific, the skirt is busy enough that I don't wear it that regularly that it becomes boring to always pair it with a certain type of shirt.

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