Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Me Made Bird Edition - 1/26/15

One of the things about being so busy with work is that it requires stress relief, which for me means locking myself in my attic and sewing away.  When you spend hours shaking your fist at your computer because the model is not spitting out numbers that make sense, it's nice to take a break and make something with your hands that is a real tangible output.  That is, until you end up shaking your fist at your sewing machine because it eats your fabric. :)  Luckily I'm getting much better at sewing, and that doesn't happen as much.  Anyway, that was a long intro to just say that I've been super productive in my sewing so far this year, and probably am approaching the same number of completed garments for 2015 as I made in all of 2014.  

This tank top was actually the first garment of the year, and I finished it up on New Years Day.  As part of my effort to clean up my project list, this was a super quick task to cross something off the list.  I used the Wiksten Tank pattern, which is intended for woven fabrics, but I took about 2" out of the center to make it more suitable for a knit fabric.  I've been saving this bird fabric for a while now, and actually wanted to make a little cardigan out of it, but I didn't have enough, so a tank top it is.  The only other changes I did were to add the bindings for the neck and armholes, and I lengthened it, making the back longer than the front.  I just serged the hemline, since my twin needle has been acting up, but I could probably just do a normal hem, since it doesn't stretch that much going over my head.

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