Thursday, January 8, 2015

Me Made Thursday - 1/8/15

I've finally gotten around to getting my photo corner set up again, this time in the guest room (which is basically my closet anyway, so it works out well).  I'm serious about trying to whittle down my sewing project list, so I've been tackling quick and easy items, to get them out of the way.  This skirt is actually the second item I've sewn in 2015 (so far, most productive year ever), but I haven't gotten around to taking photos of the first one.  This is just a super simple lined knit skirt.  I'm not entirely sure what the outside fabric is made of, but it seems like a cheap synthetic version of a linen knit.  I ordered it from Gorgeous Fabrics because I really like the pattern, but I think I'm going to start only buying fabric in person, because I've had several misses the last few times.

The construction was quick and easy - I just serged up the side seams, basted the top of the lining and the outside together and then zig-zag stitched the top  to a piece of wide elastic, which is folded into the inside.  My twin needle has not been working properly, so I haven't actually hemmed it yet, but it's holding up without a hem so far.


Susan Ashworth said...

I think this is a great look for you.

If you figure out where they're selling the great fabrics, let us know! I usually buy online, because I find my local offerings to be lacking. It's very frustrating.

Laura said...

Thanks so much! I agree, I'm really happy with this outfit.

As far as online fabric sources go, my big three are Mood Fabrics, Gorgeous Fabrics and Emma One Sock. For the most part, they are higher end suppliers, so the fabric is usually good quality (this fabric was an exception). My main problem is that what I envision based on the internet photo ends up different from what it actually is (color, weight, etc).