Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Goodbye, Christmas!

Seeing as how yesterday we started to take down the Christmas decorations, I figured I would share them with you all!  It was so much fun to decorate our house for the holidays.  Next year will be even better, just you wait!

Buying a tree a week and a half before Christmas didn't leave us with many options, not to mention it's one of those things John and I have differing opinions on.  Compromise - this year we got a small dense tree (John's pick) and no tinsel (my pick).  Next year we get a big airy tree with tinsel. 

The boxwood garland ended up a bit more wild looking than I was envisioning, but it's fun.  You may also notice the dining room light fixture, which is neither a boob light or festooned with swans.  Stay tuned more more details on that one.

I was really excited to have a banister to wrap with a garland.  This was actually garland number 2, as we started with a live garland that looked awful and was shedding after like 2 days.


Susan Ashworth said...

Fun. I love the beaded garland in the double doorway.

Laura said...


Nancy McWethy said...

Your house looks festive. I really like your new light.