Tuesday, July 21, 2015

One from the Inspiration Files

I've had these two similar dresses saved to my pinterest for a while now, and decided to finally figure out a way to make it.   

The Isabella tank top was a great starting point, which I just extended into a dress.  It is a free pattern (always nice!), with a partial facing and a button closure in the back.  I'm not a huge fan of facings, as I think they just aren't super clean, and I  would exchange it for bias binding the next time.  The other change that I would make would be to make the back opening smaller, so I could wear a racer-back bra (I'm really not a fan of strapless bras).  Other than that, it's a great basic pattern.

I didn't get the shape quite right, as the bottom is more pegged in the inspiration photos.  I also took in the sides, as it looked more flattering on than the more loose shape.  Oh well, I think it's a photo that will probably just stay in the inspiration files, but just not practical for my shape, but I will definitely use the pattern again!  

The fabric was a mystery striped linen-like fabric I purchased at the Resource Exchange, which is a store in Philly that sells art/craft supplies, building supplies, furniture, and salvaged film materials, and always has something fun.

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