Wednesday, November 4, 2015

A cozy cocoon for winter

This dress was actually the second piece completed from my fall sewing plans, and I've worn it multiple times already, but just hadn't gotten around to taking photos yet!  This was the one garment I had a clear plan on, which was to modify the Named Inari Tee dress (photo on the left below) slightly to match my inspiration photo (on the right) slightly better.


I accomplished this by using the sleeves and upper bust area of the Plantain Tee, which is tighter fitting, and grading out to the cocoon shape of the Inari tee dress.  I also ignored the split hem in the pattern, but did maintain a bit of a high-low hemline.  The fabric is a super thick double-knit from Gorgeous Fabrics, which is a lovely color and looks great, but it's pretty synthetic, which I'm not crazy about.  



The cocoon shape is not the most flattering, but it's super comfy!  I also promise I am not pregnant, despite the bump. :)  The neckline is the one thing I'm debating changing up.  I used a typical knit band, and it's pretty wide because I used a double-width of the cables, so the finished band when folded over is one cable.  In theory it's a good idea, but the fabric is so thick it kind of makes the neckline look all squidgy and sloppy, as well as I feel a little little like I'm choking (I have to keep pulling it down to look like it does in the photo).  I'm thinking about just chopping off the band and doing a lower neckline without a band, but I haven't decided entirely yet.  What do you think?

There are three pieces left in my fall sewing plans, but I've already decided to switch gears a bit.  Stay tuned for fall sewing plans, part 2!

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