Friday, November 14, 2014

A Wardrobe of Watches

Over the years, I've honed my watch collection, and it's pretty much ideal at this point.  I have three, of which at least one goes with every outfit I own, and I love them all.  I figured I would do a little overview, since they typically aren't easy to see in my outfit photos.

The collection:  gold/silver, black/gold, and black/silver

I've had this watch for at least 8 years and it's my favorite.  I think it was like $15 at Target, and is now on it's 3rd watchband, but I love how tiny and simple it is.

While I love how tiny my other black band watch is, I also love how big this one is. :)  I wear this one the least, but it is fun, and adds a bit of variety.

I was a silver person for most of my life, but over the years, I've slowly been adding gold in (it depends a lot on what my hair color is at the moment).  This is a classic watch that blends all my jewelry together.

Well there you have it, hopefully this was interesting!  How about you, do you have one watch you wear all the time, or a dozen?  


Susan Ashworth said...

Very nice mix. A variety of face sizes. I love the gold and silver one.

I used to be a one-watch girl, and then I kept one of my mom's watches after she passed. Over the years, my husband has given me three or four more. I switch them out, with different ones being my favorite for a time.

Laura said...

I originally just wanted one watch I would wear with everything, but I do enjoy being able to switch things up as well!