Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Green is the new neutral - 7/28/14

I decided a few months ago that I wanted to add grayish-green into my color palette as a neutral, so I bought these pants from my favorite online secondhand store Twice.  They were a bit big, but I had recently been reading about how easy it is to skinnify pants, so I gave it a shot.  For a first effort, they didn't come out bad, but I did make the legs a touch too skinny, and I didn't want to mess up the pocket area, so the top is a bit baggier than I would like.  I call them boyfriend pants, and it's all good.  I wear them quite a bit, but I'm a freak when it comes to my matching behavior, so unfortunately they are not the neutral I had hoped them to be.  I pretty much only wear them with black, but I have plans to branch out at some point.  It's so bad that I tend to wear my latest pair of glasses (also an attempt at adding the "neutral" gray-green to my wardrobe) only with black, and now these pants.

What I wore:
  • black cami
  • black silk cardigan
  • green trousers
  • black strappy sandals
  • silver flat hoops
  • long silver drop necklace
  • black/silver watch
Where I went:
  • work
How I felt:
  • neutral, but in a good way
What would have made it better:
  • adjusting the fit of the pants slightly, but overall it was good
  • 8

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