Monday, February 2, 2015

An oldie but goodie - 1/28/15

I've been bad about doing the daily photo so far this year, and even worse by not doing my usual analysis.  Given my current schedule, I'm ok with that, as I think I get more use out of my paragraph of musing at the beginning anyway. :)  So this outfit is from last Wednesday, and has several elements of a Laura outfit.  First of all, it has the garment that probably has the distinction of being in my closet the longest, my black and white floral vest/tank top.  I bought it shortly after I moved to DC 8 years ago, and have loved it ever since.  It is getting quite worn, and I'll probably have to retire it soon, but the pattern is just so me.  Skinny black pants + black flat boots are basically my uniform in the winter, and my most common color pattern is black + white + solid bright color, so I've got all my basics covered here.  Oh, and yeah, the pig tails!  Excluding the time my hair is too short (which is a good chunk of time), my hair has probably been in pig tails about 80% of my life.  It just got to the length where they are feasible and it makes me happy. :)

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