Monday, February 23, 2015

When Life Hands you Lemons, Make a Hat! - 2/21/15

I've been trying to buy a new winter coat all winter, with no luck.  The vast majority of my coats have been second-hand throughout my life, so I tried that route, but just couldn't find something I liked.  I really wanted a mid-length bright-colored wool coat, as I have a full-length black wool coat which I always feel someone will run me over when I walk home from the train station in the dark, a waist-length purple wool coat which leaves me too cold most of the time, and a hip-length down poofy coat that is super warm.  I also just really like having a bright coat, because it fits my personality much better.  Anyway, I finally broke down and ordered this bright yellow coat from Boden (at least it was on sale!), and I love it.  As we were headed out the door on Saturday, John decided to make me a hat out of a lemon - not the warmest, but it definitely matches!


Susan Ashworth said...

I cannot tell you how much I love that you posted a photo of yourself with a lemon on your head! And the coat looks great on you.

Laura said...

I do like unusual accessories! :) Thanks so much - I really love this jacket.

Laura said...

Thanks so much, Albina! You have a great blog as well!