Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Bringing the Blanket to Work - 2/3/15

Not happy with just keeping my blanket shawl at home, I added a belt, and called it work-worthy.  I also tried out my new pants which I finally finished up - the StyleArc Flat Bottom Flo Pants.  I messed up the waistband a bit, because my serger decided to eat it a bit, but it was a good first try.  I recently read somewhere it takes 3 trys to really get a pattern down, so this is just try number 1.  The only change I made was to shorten them a bit, but I shortened just a tad too much.  I think the next time I will change how I do the waistband as well.  The pattern instructions have you zig-zag stitch the elastic to the inside of the waistband, and then attach it to the pants.  Instead, I think I will attach the waistband like binding, and insert the elastic last.  This eliminates the need for serging the inside seam because it is then enclosed, and also avoids having to stretch out the elastic, which lead to some of the waviness in the seam.  I'm also more into high-waisted pants these days, so I think I will adjust that as well. 


Susan Ashworth said...

I think you are very brave to make your own pants - surely the hardest-to-fit garment, except maybe a swimsuit. I LOVE the blanket as office wear. The slim belt totally makes it.

Laura said...

Thanks! It's amazing what a belt can do - I only discovered its power in the last couple of years, but it can really dress up or just change the way an outfit looks.