Monday, February 2, 2015

Tie-Front Blouse Muslin - 2/1/15

So a project on my list for a while now has been a tie-front blouse, based on these pictures:


Since I wasn't able to actually find a pattern, I decided to actually take the time to make a muslin, before using my beautiful purple herringbone wool I have earmarked for the project.  The front and back of the top I based on the BurdaStyle Retro Top, which is my go to starting point for woven tops.  The fabric I used was a left-over black/blue tweed fabric, of which I'm also making a pair of pants.

Once I cut out the front and the back, I left the rest of the retro top pattern behind.  I lowered the neckline quite a bit, but I think in my final version I will raise it back up.  I also did not put in the dart, but I will in my final version.  All edges I finished by serging and turning under once, to reduce bulk.  I left the sides completely unattached, but I might at least add a snap at the top, to hold it together better.  To make the tie-front, I cut out two triangles of the tweed and also a tie-die voile from a failed project for a lining.  I debated just doing a double fold on the edge of the tweed and not lining, but again, I wanted to reduce bulk, and that seemed the best way, and I'm happy with the way it looks.  I did french seams to connect the triangles to the back, to enclose the seams, but if I have enough fabric in my final version I think I will cut them out as one piece with the back.  In that case I will probably end up lining the whole thing.

For some reason I forgot to look at my inspiration photos before cutting out my pieces, and went with the pointed version of the tie, even though I actually like the second version better.  That version will require sewing the tie in place though, as I don't think it will be possible to tie it securely without it being hugely bulky.

Anyway, without further ado, I give you my tie-front blouse (also my outfit from yesterday)!

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