Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Blue Lace Watson

My bra-making adventures started off two years ago (wow, hard to believe), when I attended Maddie's very first bra-making workshop.  I was so proud to have completed successfully an underwire bra, although the fit was off, and I never actually wore it.  Somewhere around the same time, I bought the Cloth Habit Watson bra pattern, but kept putting off actually sewing anything.  I even ordered a kit with all the fabric and necessary do dads from Tailor Made about a year ago, but even that stayed neglected on the shelf.  Back in December though, I attended an open sewing event at Maddie's studio, and it inspired me to actually sew something all by myself.

I started off thinking I would use the gorgeous lace in my kit, but I wanted to use that to do the longline version of the Watson (pictured above), and I didn't have the wide hook and eye set, so I put it aside and used the left-over lace from the bra-making workshop (fabric hoarding tendencies FTW).

I seriously have no idea why I waited so long!  It's not a difficult sew at all, even with fiddly elastics, and the sew along on Amy's blog is fantastic for additional support.  I basically just followed along with the instructions and didn't alter anything at all, and it fit perfectly!  I'm definitely planning on sewing up more before too long.

I also cut out fabric for the matching panties, but I was running out of fabric at that point, and had to piece together the crotch.  Unfortunately, when I went to sew the two pieces together, it turns out I forgot to mirror them, so I just scrapped it and will try another time.

Instead of going with my original choice of white straps, I wanted to spice it up a bit, and added some teal straps to go with the pale blue lace.  I didn't have quite matching thread for either the blue or teal though, so my stitching is a bit more obviously than I would like.  I just used fold-over elastic, which is a bit stretchier than recommended, but they don't have to work too hard with lifting on me, so they work fine!

I debated on including these photos, but I figure it's more coverage than some of my bathing suits. :)  I really can't get my camera set up correctly these days though, so they aren't the greatest.


STAshworth said...

This is incredible! I'm in awe of women who can make bras. Some bras are sooooo expensive. How empowering.

McLaura said...

Thanks, Susan! It really is empowering, and it's so satisfying to have a bra that fits perfectly!