Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Toaster Sweater

I've been sticking to my sewing plans lately, which is shocking!  I have had the Toaster Sweater from Sew House 7 on the list for months now, and it's been sitting all cut out since October.  Luckily, it was the first pick for Project Sew My Style, so it motivated me to squeak it in, finishing it up on Jan 31st.  Without further ado, my sweater (which is much more of a tee)!  Excuse the poor photos, I was having troubles getting my camera set up correctly.

I've included a photo of my sewing journal page (I'm really enjoying keeping up with that), but all in all it was an enjoyable garment to sew.  I made up a size M, extending it about 3", since I'm not a fan of the more cropped silhouette.  It doesn't look too big, just oversized at that top, but I think next time I will make a small, as I prefer a bit more close-fitting through the shoulders and bust.  The mitered vent is cleverly done, and quite satisfying to sew, but I did have a bit of troubles using my regular machine, as I used a pretty light-weight knit, and it just didn't want to cooperate.  My hem is all sorts of wonky, and I didn't even bother trying to hem the sleeves, I just cut them as neatly as possible. :)  I may eventually add a cuff to them, so I can do it with my serger.  I am normally not a huge fan of boatnecks on me as well, but this one works well, I think because it comes up higher.  The facing is a little fiddly, but I think again that's partly because I chose a lighter-weight knit than recommended.

You may notice a common color theme lately, and this is indeed another turquoise garment to add to my interchangeable wardrobe.  I haven't tried it out with my turquoise blazer yet, but I think it will work well.  I like also that it's basically a dressier version of a tee, so super comfy for wearing around the house, but I could definitely wear it to the office as well - all around, a win!

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