Monday, April 3, 2017

March Sewing Check-in / Random Musings on Sewing and Style

Three months into the year, and I'm still not doing too hot on sticking to my sewing plans!  I think I might have to rethink things, as my plans are making sewing into a bit more of a chore than I like.  I do want to think a bit more about my overall sewing plan, but I need a bit more flexibility than just working through a list.  I sew for a few different reasons, but right now my main motivation for sewing is stress relief - I'm in a super busy phase at work, and I love giving myself the mental break from staring at a computer and instead making something physically with my hands (which also plays into my break from blogging - I can only stare at the computer for so long!).  When I do that sort of sewing, I like to pick something that really makes my heart sing (usually colorful and fun), and on the easier side, so I don't have to think too hard.  For some reason, picking the next thing on the list is the opposite of light and easy, so I tend to just do a random project that I haven't even thought about. :)  Rather than beat myself up over not being able to stick to a plan (my usual M.O.), I'm giving myself a little grace and permission to sew whatever my heart desires.  

Related to this is my on-going quest to get my style all figured out.  I was cleaning up some folders of old photos on my computer a few weeks ago, back from when I used to take my daily outfit photos, and I realized that the more I've tried to figure it out, the less I feel like I a) know what my style is or b) actually dress true to my style.  I think part of it is that I read a lot of blogs/books about style and end up getting a little too caught up into the rules (what is my uniform? how can I make a capsule wardrobe?) and current style trends (which exist just as much in the minimalism style world) and not actually going with my gut.  So again, I'm giving myself a little grace (and maybe a break from external style sources).

All that said, I'm not sure where I'm going to go from here.  I still have my huge stash and my huge list of projects.  I continue to add to both, and sometimes subtract (but at a slower rate).  The main reason I'm attracted to the idea of figuring out my style and having an intentional sewing plan/wardrobe is that it makes life easier, but right now I'm not feeling like it's easier.  Even as I'm typing this, I want to give it one last try and finally get something figured out, but I'm not sure how it will all work out.  Ugh.  April is going to be super crazy as well with both visitors and traveling ourselves, so I think I'm just going to wing it for a while and see where life takes me.  If I fit some sewing in there, that would be awesome, but we'll see!

Oh, and yeah, I finished two garments up in March (sneak peak at one of them above)!  Plus several things that are either partly done or abandoned.  I will try to actually document them at some point!  

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