Monday, April 10, 2017

#100daysofoutfitsketches - days 2 & 3

Later, I'll fill you in on another side challenge I'm taking part of (hint - 10x10!), but I'm keeping up with my 100 days of outfit sketches in the meantime!  It's been a busy few days, and we have guests staying with us, so I'm not being super timely on everything, but I'll get there in the end.  Thursday and Friday were days 2 and 3, respectively, and here they are:

Outfit details:  Thursday was an office day for me, so I dressed up a bit.  Particularly for work, I tend to stick to a black and white color scheme.  I love these pants dearly, and wearing a slightly fancier tee shirt is right up my alley for work-wear.  Both the pants and shoes were items that I decided I wanted to add to my closet and I searched long and hard before adding them, and they worked out really well.    The only aspect that feels a little forced for me is the necklace, but I just got it and wanted to wear it, so I added it anyway. :)  Usually I only wear short necklaces with scoop neck tops - I'm not sure why, just one of my weird little habits.

Sketch:  I little bit too whimsical in my proportions, but I had fun with it.

Outfit details:  Friday was an at-home day, with a pretty busy work schedule, and then friends coming into town later that evening, so there was some cleaning on the docket as well, so I went comfy.  I've realized that my jeans collection is heavy on the skinny style, so I've been looking to expand, and haven't quite hit the sweet spot.  I just got these "girlfriend" jeans from Gap on super sale, but they have a bit of saggy but syndrome.  They are comfy for around the house, but perhaps not the most attractive.  The top is one of my favorite recent me-mades, as I love the colors and I'm always a sucker for a simple tee.  I have yet to blog about it (along with basically everything else I've made in the past six months or so), but it gets a decent amount of wear time these days.

Sketch:  Still working on proportions, and this drawing looks entirely flat to me, despite the fact I'm sticking my leg out a bit.  In addition to just working on proportions, I'm trying to really focus on drawing exactly what I see, so before when I've drawn this top, I just kind of scribbled with my pink, red and black colored pencils, but I tried to focus more on drawing the general shapes I saw, and I think I did pretty good without spending a lot of time.  Also, Eddie was determined to photo bomb, so I added him in. :)


STAshworth said...

The white pants outfit is just darling! It looks great on you.

McLaura said...

Thanks, Susan!