Thursday, April 20, 2017

Spring 10x10 Challenge - days 9 and 10!

And I made it!  Overall, I had a better time with the 10x10 challenge this time versus the two other times, which I'll get into tomorrow, but for today I'll leave you with my final two looks!

Day 9 was Tuesday, which was another office day for me.

 I basically wore the same outfit as day 6, but dressed it up by switching out jeans for black pants and dressier accessories.  I also wore the shirt like I normally do, which is tucked in the front.  This makes it look less like a tunic and more like just a normal tank.  One thing I'm noticing about colors is that while I'm still weird about making sure my colors match, I don't want to be too color matchy, if that makes sense.  There has to be at least some variation, which in this case would be pulling out all the different colors of the tank (black pants/shoes, gold jewelry, cream cardigan) versus just sticking with the tank and all black for example.

Day 10 - I made it!  This was an errand-running and working from home day.

Continuing my color-matching discoveries, I originally put on my blue loafers with this outfit, but it was just too much.  I switched out to my navy sneakers and liked it so much better.  I also attempted to knot my shirt, to up my styling game and try something a little different.  Mostly the shirt is just too short to do so and I'm self-conscious about my spare tire, but I just couldn't handle it and went back to the open shirt.  I think it also has to do with not breaking up my silhouette as much - because I'm a shorty, I like to keep things lean and sleek, and not have a lot of horizontal lines.

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