Monday, April 17, 2017

Spring 10x10 Challenge: Days 4 & 5

I'm getting behind on documenting my challenges and things are building up!  Today is actually day 7 of the Spring 10x10 challenge for me, but I've taken off a couple of days in between (laundry needs and I had to wear my new Easter outfit yesterday!).

Day 4:

Day 4 was last Wednesday, which was an office day for me. I was originally intending to wear my leather espadrille sneakers (so it is basically the same outfit as day 2, but with different pants), but I figured I was pushing my staid engineering office a bit already with the dramatic sleeves, so I switched out for more professional looking shoes (relaxing the rules just a tad).  The funny thing is that I've gotten plenty of comments on the shirt already, but at the office, I got several compliments on my shoes, but no one mentioned the shirt. :)

I went easy on the accessorizing as well, only wearing my silver hoops and no necklace.  I've struggled with finding a necklace I like with this shirt as it has to either be short and simple or longer and bold to stand out, but that can get a bit too busy for my tastes.

These pants are one of two pairs of ponte pants (the other pair are full-length trousers) that match my ponte suit blazer, which I bought a year or so ago to be my main suit.  Best decision ever to go ponte.  It is still pretty formal looking, but completely machine washable and super comfy!  At the time, Boden only had this flare version in cropped, but now they have a skinny leg crop which is a bit more me and I'm tempted to get them.  Being petite, I find that narrow is generally a better silhouette for me.  They aren't cheap though, and it occurred to me that it would be super simple to narrow down these, so I may be doing that at some point soon!

At this point was where I decided to relax the rules a bit more.  My original plan only included 9 items, because I was planning on sewing a simple top to add in.  That simple top turned out horribly, so I took a step back, decided to remove the shoes from my ten items (since I already added in a new pair anyway), and bring in a few more tops and regular jeans (I love the overalls, but they are not exactly a basic you can get away with wearing every day).  I added in the blue/red checked button-down, the me-made blue printed silk tank top (that was a contender the first go around anyway), and the jeans on the end.

Day 5:

Day 5 was Thursday, which was spent working from home and then packing up meals for Easter Outreach, a program that my church helps organize to deliver meals for Easter weekend.  One of the main reasons I added the button down to the mix was to wear it over the overalls, and wear them in a different way.  I like the look overall, but let's just say it made bathroom trips even more awkward, so not ideal.

This outfit is basically item for item something I would have worn in high school.  It was the nineties and that version would have veered baggier and more towards grunge, but the idea is the same.  The picture below is the best I can come up with (given the birthday cake and hair cut, my best guess is December 23, 1997):

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