Wednesday, April 5, 2017


So after my brain dump the other day I haven't come up with any grand conclusions as to how to focus my sewing and/or style search, but I've been hearing snippets about this 100 days project, and finally read a bit more about it this morning.  The basic premise is to commit to doing some kind of creative project each day for 100 days (and document it using the hastag #100daysof....).  I'm way behind, as the official version is running from Jan 21st through May 1st, but I like to make my own rules, so today is day 1!

I initially thought about doing something completely different than I normally do, like drawing or painting, as those are skills I would like to pick back up, but I think I would struggle to come up with ideas after like day 5 - trust me, it would just end up being a bunch of trees and/or flowers after that.  As part of my ongoing sewing planning/style quest, I have been drawing out my ideas more, but relying heavily on tracing over a croqui (basic figure drawing).  I figured what better way to grow my drawing skills and document my wardrobe than by learning to actually draw a proportional human figure and draw my outfits daily!  We'll see how this goes, but I'm excited and I think it will be fun to see it all come together.

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