Monday, April 24, 2017

Spring 10x10 Challenge Wrap Up

I had a blast this time around with the spring 10x10 challenge, and I think in part it's due to being a bit more loose around the rules, and staying a bit truer to my style.  I think I struck a good balance of pushing myself a bit, but being comfortable.

Without further ado, here's what I wore:


I would have to say my favorites were day 1 (striped tee + overalls) and day 8 (tank + cardigan + jeans).  I like the layeredness of them both, and the monochromatic color schemes.  I like having a touch of pattern (stripes or a patterned scarf), but not too much.  It's funny that they both also use scarves, since I used to wear them all the time and stopped, and have been wanting to wear them more again.  

Lessons Learned:
I tweaked the rules half-way through, and was so much happier doing so this time around.  I think I felt too constrained the previous rounds because I like to incorporate more color and pattern than I see in a lot of the capsule wardrobes out there, and I just need a bit more variety.  Biggest lesson here is to be more relaxed about how I approach my wardrobe and not follow rules so stringently

I love blue!  I've always leaned more towards turquoise/teal before, but I really like this royal blue that I've been pulling in lately.  

Sometimes it's best to go with my gut, even if it's perhaps not as exciting.  I didn't try to force myself to get outside my box as much this time around (although I did a little), and this also helped me be more happy with my selections.  Yeah, a striped tee and jeans is not ground-breaking, but it's very me.  By narrowing in on the specific elements that I like in a striped tee (scoop neck, skinny but not skin-tight), I was able to customize the look to exactly where I'm comfortable.

I don't actually like to be as matchy-matchy as I thought.  Particularly since I was working with a newish color to my wardrobe, I was able to isolate that I prefer color schemes to be similar, but not exact.  Case in point, day 10 I went with navy sneakers instead of blue loafers, and it went from forced to casually coordinated (at least in my head)!

It's been hard to get back to my full closet this time around!  I ended up in workout clothes a few times, and spent a lot more time trying to decide the other days.  If I get a free moment (it's been tough lately), I might try my hand at pulling together a more extensive capsule at some point!

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